Thursday, October 16, 2014

Life in the MTC: Week 4

Dallin received 9 letters in one day because Becca (his sister) was sending his letters to Mexico instead of the MTC. Don't worry, it only took her 3 weeks to figure it out. HA HA HA!
Another great week for Elder Jones in the MTC. He is still enjoying all his classes, his time in the call center, and getting letters from everyone who supports him! Before Dallin left, Derek gave him his philosophy of the MTC: "The days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days." It seems that Dallin has taken that to heart, as in every letter he can't believe it's already P-Day and a chance for him to write to all of us! The date for his departure to Mexico is Monday, October 27th! Very exciting for all of us! Here is an excerpt from his letter this week: 

The MTC has been great! I can’t believe its preparation day again! The weeks move so fast and I will move to main MTC campus next preparation day, and then I will leave 5 days to Mexico!  Time is flying by and it seems so weird that I will be leaving for Mexico in just 2 weeks from today!

Today I was able to the Temple as usual, and as I walked out, there was this super cute cat, and it came up to me and laid down right in front of me.  So I spent some time right in front of the Temple doors petting this cute kitty.  It made my whole day. 

We had an awesome devotional last night about how to stay away from Satan and how he tries and tempts us. It is nice to know that God only gives us feelings of love and peace, not doubt and hate which come from Satan. Whenever I face doubt, I know I can pray and ask Satan to leave and I will feel peace.  He also talked how Satan tries to replicate happiness or other things.  The truth is white but Satan might have a slight off white... looks good but it is wrong.
All ready to learn, work, and preach the gospel!
Shaka, brah!
I guess Frozen fruit snacks have taken the place of his iPhone case? 
With some Spanish literature about the church!

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