Monday, March 28, 2016

Life in the Field: Zone Conference Catering

Fun at Zone Conference!
This week was pretty great! We had zone conf and a baptism!

So to start off the week, the ZLs told me that I was in charge of the snack for the zone conference, so we head over to the bodega and bought drinks, cookies and took an awesome sketchy Moto Taxi to our house! Hahaha! Super sketchy, but I'm in Mexico! Gotta live it to the fullest! After that, I ordered a bunch of good sandwiches and prepared the best snack for a zone conference in the whole mission! Hahaha!

Everyone thanked me for the snacks we had. Best snack time ever. The zone conference was really great. President always has good things to say. We talked a lot about working with members, and how to work with the spirit. It was a really good conference. I really enjoyed the part when we invited members and asked them questions about missionaries like, what makes a good missionary, ect.

You can see in some of the pictures that we walk in a lot of dust. Some days I wash my feet a few times because so much dust gets into my shoes! Hahaha! So great!

We had a baptism! It didn't count for the mission because she is 8, and is going to turn nine in a week... but we reactivated the family and because of that, she got baptized! We taught her and treated her like an investigator. Her parents are now working towards going to the temple to get married! Their marriage almost ended, but lucky we got there in time and saved it! :) GOOD WORK FOR US! I got to baptize their daughter. He name is Sijetzi.

Our new ward mission leader is the best! He came and worked with us, and I enjoy working with him. He is super funny and he tells us a bunch of funny stories from the mission. We are hoping for a baptism on the 10th, three baptisms on the 16th and five baptisms on the 22nd. Pray for the best!!!!!!!

Well we are working hard, and hoping to baptize and to reactivate more families! Thanks for all your love and support!

I think that's it! It was a full week but nothing really note worthy, except that Magali is going to church again and wants to get baptized! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hahaha! That made my whole day! I love the mission! Best choice ever!
Riding in the moto taxi!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Life in the Field: 18 Month Mark

Burn, baby, burn...
This week was pretty good! Burnt my pants, did divisions with my district, and just had some fun!

I've never been so tired in my life! I have no clue how I'm going to continue working like this. Haha! I'm pooped! Waking up has never been so hard in my life until now... I don't know how i'm going to keep it up!

Right now we have a bunch of great investigators who are progressing well! We are hoping to have seven baptisms within the next 6 weeks! Pray for us and the investigators! We just hope that the members help us out!

We have a new ward mission leader, which is great! He looks like he is going to help us out a ton! He served a mission as well, and knows how things should be. Let's hope that all goes well!

We had breakfast with Diego. I think I'm going to dress like him after my mission. Or in other words, buy a fanny pack and use it everyday, even at church. Haha!

We burnt my pants and ate at Chilis to celebrate! It was awesome! 18 months!!!!!!!! 5 more months and I'm home! SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!! It was fun to burn pants and remember all the good times in the mission. Wow! It goes by too fast! 

Today we played football with the ward. Or in other words, soccer. I landed a goal today! It was a header! That's what I'm useful for in soccer here in Mexico... just landing it in with my head because I'm tall! No one could believe how sweet the goal was! Hahaha! i owe it to my sweet Chivas jersey! My part Mexican power! We got a ride in a super small car and we all jumped in! Haha! Super funny picture because there was no room at all! You need to see how the bus usually is... PACKED!!!! So glad that at home we have cars!

We did divisions with the other missionaries which was fun. Worked in their area which is just super ugly.... it smells like dead dogs just about everywhere.... and the streets are straight dirt and rocks. I watched the best two years with Elder Freeman which was fun. That movie is so dang funny!

Well that's about it! I love you all so much!
Lunch at Chili's
6 Months: Tie. 12 Months: Shirt. 18 Months: Pants. Next Up, Full Suit! 
Taking a ride in the back of the cab!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Life in the Field: Baptism of Maria & Vania

Baptism day of Maria (Mother) and Vania (Daughter).
We baptized Maria and her daughter Vania. I baptized Maria and my companion Vania.

It was awesome to baptize two weeks in a row! We are hoping for more baptisms here in Las Juntas. We have a family of five that are progressing and as well, we have an investigator who is the sister of one of the people we baptized! We are having success here right now and I love it! I only wish that the ward would help us out more.... but besides that all is well! I will be here for at least six more weeks! I'm starting my fourth change here so I will probably leave in six weeks... that would be 6 months here total!

Next month, my first convert should enter into the temple to be sealed with his wife and family! I'm super excited for that! I will be able to go so be ready for that email soon! ;)

We had zone meeting which was fun! I always enjoy the zone meetings! We played "Chubby Bunny" and it was hilarious! 

I got letters from home. Thanks for the Valentine, Mom! Hahaha! I'm cool! ;) 

Thanks for the letters, Rachie!

Right now we have some good investigators which is nice! They are progressing well! We are hoping for 6 baptisms this change! :) Maybe more! We will see how it goes!!! Pray for the Bocanegra family! They need it!

It rained for a day here and it was super cold!!!!!!!!! I used my thick Quicksilver hoodie and the rain slicker! IT WAS THAT COLD!!!! It was a good day though! I like it colder than warmer!

I swear, every house that we go to, gives us food! I think I'm going to gain weight.... in the morning we visit someone, they give us food, then we have our food appointment, and to end the day, a random family that we choose to visit gives us dinner.... sometimes we eat four or five times!!!!! Hahaha! Oh, missionary life. Now I know how the USA missionaries feel! Only thing I'm missing is my iPad and my car! ;)

This week I will be burning a pair of pants in honor of 18 months in the mission! FIVE MONTHS LEFT!!!!! I cant believe it!
Zone Meeting.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Life in the Field: Baptisms in Las Juntas

Baptism of Tereso, Diego & Diego!
This week was great! We had three baptisms!!!!!!!!!! :)

We moved the other two for this week due to some things... but this week we should baptize again!!!!!! :)

This week we baptized Tereso Marron and his son Diego Marron. We also baptized Diego Alvarado who is 11. All of these baptisms were from less active families! TIME TO REACTIVATE THE LESS ACTIVES AND BAPTIZE! :)

This week we are going to baptize Maria Natividad and her daughter Vania Angelica. Another two baptisms from less active families! :) A lot of success! :)

Today we had a zone activity and played capture the flag, which was sweet! A lot of fun and it had a twist with water balloons! If you tagged them they were out, but if you hit them with a water balloon you had to return to their side and touch the wall. It was fun! We played Nephites vs Lamanites. Or in other words, whiteys vs tanner darker people! Hahaha! How do I say it without sounding racist? Americans vs Latinos? Hahaa. it was fun! :)

Today we have a lesson planned for Maria and her daughter! We are going to baptize on Friday! :) Pray for them!

We also had divisions this week with the zone leaders. I was with Elder Lavery, and had a fun time. Elder Lavery got sick from the pizza we ate. Oops! Almost went to the bathroom in his pants 😹

I ate a bunch of tortas ahogadas, but with pure chili! Everyone couldn't believe their eyes! I loved it! That night my stomach hated me, but my taste buds love it! I love spicy food! I think I eat more spicy than Mom! Hahaha!

I took a twinzy picture with Elder Lavery. I hope you enjoy that. we also took a few district photos and zone photos!

There are changes this next Monday! Let's see if I stay here for another six weeks, or if I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I go, please pray that I don't go to Lazaro Cardenas. I don't want to die from 100 degree weather with 90% humidity! Yikes! Haha!

Thanks for the love and support!
Diego with his family on his baptism day!
Tereso & Diego on their baptism day!
Looking for people to teach!
Elder Jones & Diego
Zone Activity!
Twinning is Winning! Elder Jones & Elder Lavery.