Monday, June 27, 2016

Life in the Field: Mango Lover!

This week was pretty great. We walked a lot of hills, and knocked doors, and worked! Nothing too crazy, but it was a fast fun week, so I can't complain. We are teaching some good lessons and cleaning ward lists.... it sucks when you have a ward list of 800 people and only 100 people go to church! The good thing is that you find a bunch of new people to teach!

There are some awesome food deals here... 14 pesos, 1 liter of melon water.... super awesome... or 1 kilo of mango right now, is 5 pesos... I can buy 3 large mangoes for five pesos!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! It's awesome. But, avocado is 70 pesos for 1 kilo... super expensive! I bought some mangoes and I'm enjoying them for breakfast.

We played some soccer on Saturday, but in our missionary cloths, I had five goals.. I'm pretty Mexican now. I think I'm going to sign with Real Madrid. Hahaha! Soccer is pretty fun now. I'm getting better, but I still suck.

I got my travel plans.... whaaaa? I'm old in the mission! I'm going to end! :/ Sad, but I'm stoked at the same time. Elder Timpson and I will travel together for part of the time (through Houston, TX), but afterwards, we split. He is going to fly to Ontario. His flight path will be Guadalajara to Houston, from Houston to San Francisco, from San Francisco to Ontario, arriving at 6:00 PM. I fly from Houston to San Diego, and will be arriving at 4:00 PM. I think I got the better flight path! Hahaha! 

Today we ate some carne asada and I'm stuffed! :) It also rained a lot today as well... but that's about it!

One other cool thing we did this week was a family home evening, but in the church building. We had less actives and investigators come, which was great. We are hoping for a baptism on the 8th of July! That should be great! 

Well, that's about it! Just working hard and enjoying the mission!

I love you all sooooo much!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Life in the Field: We Went to the Zoo!

This week was super duper fun! We had zone conference, P-day on Tuesday, and just a bunch of activities! 

My companion fell asleep in a lesson.... this guy... haha! What can you do... just gotta love him. We had some good lessons this week. It was interesting how the week went. Not the best numbers, but we worked hard. We are working a lot on cleaning the ward list and trying to find all the less actives. We are hoping to have a baptism on the July 2! Wooo!!!!!!!!! We had four people come to church and one of them is waiting to get married within the next few weeks! We might have two baptisms! :) I'm stoked!

We were walking in the street and I saw a cow just walking like nothing.... so random! I had to take a picture. We live in the city but I swear, everything is possible in mexico. I remember in Guadalajara  being living in the city, and people are pulling carts with horses.... Haha! It's awesome!

Besides that, I have completed 21 months in the mission! Wooo!!!!! we took some pictures with Jorge. He is awesome. He has the cool dog. I'm old in the mission! 69 more days and I'm home! Am I counting? Haha ooops! Don't worry, I'm working hard, but I'm pretty stoked to see you guys soon! Miss you all a ton!

We went to the zoo today and saw some cool animals... a white tiger pegged me with his pee which was interesting! I went to the bathroom to bathe in the sink! Hahaha! We basically touched a few animals as well. I could have touched the lions if i wanted. We played with some monkeys as well and the mom got mad at me and grabbed my finger super hard! Hahaha! It freaked me out, but made me laugh a lot. Super fun day!

I'm studying super hard and I'm enjoying Spanish. I'm hoping to get it mastered. I'm studying really hard, and also reading Isaiah and Alma right now!

I hope you are all happy and that everything is good! 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Life in the Field: Zone Conference

This week was super fast and at the same time kinda annoying. We had a lot of appointments fall through that we had planned... 

We had zone meeting and zone conference this week, so I got my package! WOOO awesome Poptarts and Maui chips! Can't beat that! Hahaha! You're awesome! I love you guys a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!! The meetings were really awesome. I really liked the zone conference because it was funny and now we can use sunglasses and cool hats! Hahaha! The missionary uniform has changed... well not changed but now we can use sunglasses and hats. The sisters are going to use pants!!!!!!!!!!!! It is because of mosquitoes, and keeping safe from viruses they carry. In the next two weeks, all the sisters in the mission are going to have to use pants or long skirts or dresses. That will be weird! Hahaha!

Today we had a district activity, so we didn't go to the zoo, but I'm hoping soon that we will. I want to go see the big cats! They're always the coolest. Today was fun playing soccer and Jenga. Last night we played card games until 2:00 AM, so I'm really tired. We had some missionaries sleeping in our house, so we played around!

Sister Eggington loved my pink tie! Hahaha! It's pretty awesome that president and his wife are so loving are awesome. They make me laugh so much. During the meeting I got a phone call from the offices of the mission asking me what airport I would like to return to when I end the mission! SOOOO NUTS! I cant believe the time is going so fast!

Love you all! 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Life in the Field: Let's Go To The Mall!

This week was really awesome! We had four investigators come to church! In the next few weeks, we are hoping to have some baptisms! :)

I didn't have changes and I'm still with Elder Luna! I really like my area, and I like my companion, so it's all good.

We went out to a local buffet with another set of missionaries, and after we needed to find a store to just buy a few things. We found a Super Market next to the buffet, and we found POPTARTS, AMERICAN DR PEPPER, MNT DEW (not my favorite, but I've never seen it in Mexico), IBC ROOTBEER, GOLDFISH!!!!, PRETZLES, AND OTHER AMAZING THINGS!!!! I bought some American food!

I found a Tecate beer mug in the house, and it's obviously my favorite cup to drink my Coke. I'm going to take this mug home with me. Hahaha.

Today we went to a Super Fresa Plaza, or in other words, a mall for rich people. It's called Altozano. It reminded me of UTC or Fashion Valley Mall. It was fun! I bought some socks(woo) and some cool ties for 40% off (heck yeth)! We went with Elder Garcia and Elder Horne. 

I'm going to Ponderize D&C 128: 22 this week:

 "Brethren, shall we not go on in so great cause? Go forward and not backward. Couragebrethren; and on, onto the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Let the earth break forth into singingLet the dead speak forth anthems of eternal praise to the King Immanuel, who hath ordained, before the world was, that which would enable us to redeem them out of their prisonfor the prisoners shall go free."