Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life in the Field: Rain or Shine, The Work Goes On!

Area Sisters & Elders celebrating Elder Juarez' birthday!
This week was good. Had some crazyyyyyyyy rain and hail for a day which was sweet. 

We were in the Carnaval area and it started to poor and everyone's stuff started to blow away and fly so we ran back to our house because it was a little dangerous outside. It started to hail! SO WE BOOKED IT! Hahah! It was great. Later that day, we were walking around, and there was a blown over tree. Over all a great day full of craziness. We were in the chapel on Thursday and lightening was everywhere! One landed really close the the chapel, but all was well.

It was the birthday of Elder Juarez. Hermana Morales smacked his face in the cake! HAHA! Second time she has done it! So funny. I better watch out if she is around for my birthday.

We had some good lessons this week, but we have a lot to do. 

Yesterday, we went to Morelia again  for a meeting with the Stake President. He has some crazy plans for the work here. He has a goal of 7 baptisms for each ward, each month! He has a plan that involves each organization at church giving 30 references every month! That means 30 from each of Relief Society, Primary, Young Mens, Young Womens, Priesthood, ect..... I'm blown away! Hahaha if it works, we should be in the water all day.

Evyln came back from EFY and she is stoked to get baptized and she wants to serve a mission! Super sweet! Success for the elders here!!!! We are going to baptize her and her mom this week! :) Next week, maybe we will baptized Anayeli, but we might push it back one more week.
Storm aftermath
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Elder Dallin McKay Jones
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission
Elder Dallin M. Jones
Calle 18 de Marzo #3088
Col. Las Aguilas
C.P. 45080 Zapopan, Jalisco

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life in the Field: Fireworks & Church Success

This week was great! We had a lot of success, and we should be having two baptisms on the first of August and one on the eighth! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had divisions with the Elders from Moroleon. I was with Elder Jaurez in my area. We ate some pizza and had some fun. 

On Thursday, we were running back to our house, and we turned the corner, and there was a huge concert in the street! Gosh kill us! We made it home 5 min late due to that, but that's alright. We got to listen to some banda while walking. Banda has a bunch of trumpets and a tuba. I don't remember what else it has but its kinda grown on me.... kinda sad, like it doesn't bother me when i listen to it now....

After that, we were planning for the next day, and we heard some fireworks.... we decided fireworks are more important than planning so we ran to the roof and watched the fireworks!!! we took some cool pictures too! it was a great night! Always fun when there are cool fireworks!

What else happened this week? We had an activity at the church which was really fun! It was a missionary activity for the members, so we asked them to invite friends and we watched meet the Mormons. It was a great night. We had drinks and popcorn! 

Yesterday we had 3 people in church. Ana, Evyln, and Anayeli. Ana and Evyln will get baptized the first and Anayeli the 8th. Evyln is at EFY this week which is awesome! She is 16 and is already asking about missionaries and how to be one! I'm stoked!

Today we played soccer with some of the kids from church and their friends. We had a blast, but now my back hurts. I almost feel just as sore as after a football game... I was a beast. I scored a ton, it was great! Haha!

Well that was the week! 

Bad news, our washer is broken, but we can get it to work to a certain point so I'm trying to think how am i going to wash my sheets... I will figure it out!

*** Please note: Dallin's 1 Year Mark & 20th Birthday are September 17th & September 19th. It takes about 6-8 weeks for mail to get to Dallin. Please note that an International Stamp or at least $1.00 dollar of regular US Stamps.*** Please address to: 

Elder Dallin McKay Jones
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission
Elder Dallin M. Jones
Calle 18 de Marzo #3088
Col. Las Aguilas
C.P. 45080 Zapopan, Jalisco

Monday, July 13, 2015

Life in the Field: Antonio's Baptism

Elder Lopez, Antonio, Christan & Elder Jones for Antonio's Baptism this week.
This week was a busy week for Elder Jones! His companion, Elder Lopez celebrated his birthday, they met the new mission President & his wife, and had a baptism! There was a lot of fun, excitement, and pizza this week! Here is an explanation of the week from Dallin:

This week was pretty good! It was the birthday of my companion! He bought a cake for district meeting and one of the sisters smashed the cake in his face! Hahahahaa! Good job, Hermana Morales ;)

We went to Morelia to meet the president! We all had a 20 min interview! He destroyed us..... nah jk hahaa it was actually really fun!!! He is super funny and so is his wife who doesn't understand any Spanish! SHE IS FULL OF ENERGY! They make me laugh so much! I love them already! My interview was really good! we basically talked for 20 min about me! :)

We had some elders sleep at our house on Friday because we had a baptism interview that was late at night. We went to Hermana Socos house and ate cake for my comps birthday and then bought more pizza and hung-out. Elder Clifford and Elder Duran serve in Acambaro. They have really awesome bread in their area! 

We had the baptism of Antonio which went well! He is 19, and is already planning for a mission! His friend Christian who baptized him, just sent his papers in! Super awesome success here!! The sisters also baptized that day but later in the day! Success in Salvatierra! 

Ana and her daughter are progressing well. we are baptizing then on the first Saturday of August! Her daughter is also going to EFY this month, so we are super excited for her and us! 

We had some fun today. I washed all my clothes by hand... that was fun haha took me like an hour but that's chill.We ate well and then got some really awesome frozen fruit thing with whip cream! I got choco banana! My companion got it with strawberries!
A beautiful Cathederal in Salvatierra, Mexico.
Happy Birthday, Elder Lopez!
Celebrating with the Soco Family.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life in the Field: Double Rainbow = Double Blessings!

We are happy to report that this was a great week for Dallin in Mexico! This week, they had a zone conference where the Zone Leaders shared some information about the new mission president. Dallin will be able to meet with him this week! Here is an excerpt from his letter: 

We had some really great lessons and some fun this week! 

We had zone meeting this week. It went really well! It was fun and a little different. Our new president doesn't really care for numbers now, which I really like. We didn't report numbers or anything. The zone leaders say that he is really awesome so I'm stoked. I'll get to meet him soon, either this week or next. We are going to have interviews :)

We were driving to a lesson in Tarimoro and we saw a rainbow! The best part, it turned into a double rainbow! HAH! It was funny because I started to sing the double rainbow song! 

We had 3 investigators in sacrament meeting which was great. We have a baptism coming up this week for Antonio, and his friend is going to baptize him. We just need to finish up a few lessons! 

Anna came to church and brought her daughter. Her daughter was kinda upset because she had to come to church, but she left happy with some new friends! Blessings for going to church! :) 

Brian is doing great. Really enjoys church and is excited. I'm smelling two baptisms for the first of August! Pray for our investigators! 
Who says missionaries can't have some fun?!
I think I know who the ring leader is.... 
Double Rainbow! One Side....
Other Side!
All of his delicious Mexican food is killing me.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Life in the Field: Service

This week, Dallin was able to help do some service with his companion by helping to clean an older couples home. Missionaries are always willing to help those in need, and do it with a smile on their face! Dallin was also able to purchase a couple neat mementos this week, including special edition pesos & a Mexico scarf to hang on his wall. That will look great when he goes off to college above his bed, don't you think? Don't forget to write via DearElder.com or e-mail (instructions on the side bar and below). Dallin would love to hear some encouraging words from all of you! Here is an excerpt from his letter this week:

This week was really good! We went on divisions this week. I went to Moroeleon, which was fun. We walked and taught and got milkshakes to beat the heat. While on divisions, we had a scorpion in the house which was cool. My companion set it on fire.... 

We have a new investigator named Brian. He is really awesome. He goes to a Christian church and has a lot of questions. I think he will get baptized. We also have anew investigator named Anna. She is a really nice person and likes to listen. She came to church this Sunday and liked it. She will get baptized too. Enrique came back! Thank you for all of the prayers on his behalf. Continue to pray for him, Anna & Brian.

We also had an activity in the church this week. The bishop and the relief society pres sang karaoke which was funny! The bishop sang, "Kiss Me" and it was hilarious! 

Well deserved hot wings & french fries after a long day of work! Yum!
Helping to clean an elderly couples home.
Special Edition coins for a mission memento.