Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life in the Field: Baptism & Ward Party

This week was good! A lot of things happened, and it was fun!

Elder Norman and I took some sweet pics! He went home today! He is from California and he lives in Ventura, which is cool. We are going to hangout after the mish.... Hahaha! He is awesome. He was in Moroleon, and now Elder Garcia is there!

After that, we were walking and noticed a ton of tomatoes in the street and people picking them up, so we picked up a ton of them and brought them to a members house. Haha! I think it was like 5 kilos. That was fun!

On Friday, the Stake President called us and told us that Adriana passed her interview and wanted to be baptized the same day! Awesome! We ran the the chapel, called our district leader, got the interview set up for her son and tried to ready the baptism font.... THERE WASN'T WATER!!! We had like 3 hours to kill before the baptism, but the water pump didn't work. So we were hoping they could fix it before the baptism, but they couldn't, so 30 min before the baptism we called a water tanker to fill it up! We had it filled in like 7 minutes! Hahaha! So awesome!!!!!!!!! 

I baptized Adriana, and she was sooo nervous! When I was helping her into the font, she was squeezing my hand! I baptized her, and my my comp baptized Benjamin, which was good! Overall a great day!

After the baptism, we had a Noche Mexicana, which was fun! We ended the service and went straight to the activity! So many people came to her baptism because everyone was at the church! Good day! Super funny as well! The 2nd counselor of the Stake Presidency danced with his wife, and we were laughing our butts off! I cracked some jokes on the mic, which was funny, and  there was a marriage proposal! SO crazy!!!!!!!!

Our converts Natalia and Victoria came to our sacrament and all of church! It was soooo great to see them!!!!!!!! Victoria gave the prayer to end the sacrament meeting which was awesome!!! I miss them a ton!!!!!!!!! :) It was fun!

Today we went to the centro and ate some Burger King and went looking at stuff to buy. I didn't buy anything but we had fun with some other missionaries! Overall a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks for the love and support!!!! 
Elder Norman and Elder Jones
Marriage proposal at the ward activity!
A little girl in the ward getting ready to dance.
The water tank filling the baptismal font. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Life in the Field: One Year Mark & 20th Birthday

ONE YEAR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, the week was good. Nothing super crazy.... we had some rain like always and yeah.... I LOVE MY NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!! THESE THINGS ARE MY LOVES!!! :) 

All of my birthday cards were great! I had a good birthday! I ate well! 

But, lets talk about my HUMP DAY!!!!!!!! On hump day, I went and bought 30 tacos and 2 1/2 liters of Coca Cola! in total. 260 pesos (about $15.00!) of food! Super awesome!!!!!!!! We ate like kings that night! They were hand made tortillas and everything!

Then, I pulled out the shirt (at one year you burn a white shirt) and soaked it with some rubbing alcohol, and lit that bad boy! THAT THING JUST LIT UP SO CRAZY BIG!!!!!!!! Great day! I ate 10 tacos that night, which was great! 

The day before my birthday, I ate a ton of spicy food, and woke up sick. Great way to start a birthday! I had my birthday like a real 20 year old, by puking ;) Hahahaha! Super funny.

Lunch that day was good, we ate with the second counselor of the Stake Presidency. The whole Stake Presidency is in our area, so we talk with them a ton! We have a good relationship with them, which is nice! They help us a ton! They gave me Twinkies for my birthday! It was great! 

Sunday, no one came to church... but that's fine, we have a baptism planned for this week! We are hoping to baptize Adriana and Benjamin. Adriana will have an interview with the Stake President, and he will give us the yes or no! Lets hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))) Pray for her! She needs help, and strength!

Today we had a zone activity! We ate pizza and all we played sports as well! I played volleyball and ultimate Frisbee, and we threw the football around. 

Overall a great week!
Getting ready to burn a shirt to mark the completion of 1 year!
Hump Day Tacos!
Birthday Twinkie Cake!
Zone Activity Day
Boy Band Photo Shoot

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Life in the Field: Zone Conference with President Egginton

This week was good. Saturday I was sick, so we didn't go and teach. We stayed in the house all day! I am better today. 

We had zone conference this week. I took a bunch of selfies, which was legit. I got pictures with Elder Norman, Christensen, Dance, Zuniga, Del Toro, Juarez, Mendoza, and my comp. It was pretty sweet. As you can see in the Picture with President Egginton and the zone, Hermana Egginton wasn't there. She was sick, but i think she is better now. Also, there are more Hermanas then Elders in our zone! Hahaha, how nuts! The meeting was good with President. HE IS THE BEST! We talked about football for a little and a little about when he was in the Air Force. Super cool guy. He told me that Utah beat Michigan! So crazy.

Yesterday, we didn't have normal services. We watched the dedication of the Mexico City temple, which was super cool! 2nd one I've seen on my mission!!!!!!!!!! Afterwards, we walked out and members from Salvatierra were outside!!!!! I got to see a bunch of members which was sweet! Apolinar my convert, baptized Ester, who was one of my investigators! He is also YM President!!!!!!!! SUPER SWEET!!!!!!!!!!! 

Life is pretty good here. Today we went to Morelia Centro, I had a desire for some Burger King, so I bought their family deal for my comp and I which was 2 Whoppers, 2 Whopper juniors, 4 french fries and 4 drinks for 179 pesos! What a steal!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty awesome day. 

I LOVE MY NEW SHOES!!!!!! SO DANG COMFY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THESE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))) 


Elder Jones with Apolinar, one of his converts in Salvatierra!
Elder Del Toro, Elder Zuniga & Elder Jones
Elder Jones & Elder Dance
A family Dallin is teaching has this puppy, but it did not have a name. Dallin suggested Peluche, and it stuck!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Life in the Field: YOSO (You Only Serve Once)

This week was pretty good. We sent off two new elders to the MTC on Monday! They are stoked! One of them is the only member of his family and he told them he was going even if they didn't want him too. What a boss! He will do well! I have his e-mail, so I'm emailing him!

We went on divisions with Elder Christensen and Elder Mendoza. I went to Aeropuerto with Elder Mendoza. They should call their area Aeromuerto.... sooo slow..... but we ate a ton of pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

While in their house, I saw that Elder Christensen has a cool YOLO wooden sign. It should say YOSO! YOU ONLY SERVE ONCE! Hahaha! Super legit! It was fun!

We had a lesson with Jessica and her dad is part of the state police, so I took an awesome picture in his Bulletproof vest! I was thinking of telling mom that its super crazy here so they made us use bullet proof vests so we can still teach, but nahh. Hahaha! I just thought it would be cool to wear it with a "BOM". Hahaha!

I also put a picture of all my cards! Tell everyone thanks!!!! I'll try and reply to everyone!!!!!!!! I need a little time!!!!!!!!!

As you can see, my shoes soles are dead! Thanks for the new ones! They are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All is well here! Iriss needs help! Her family is going crazy, so pray that her family will soften their hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adriana is better and is happy! Singing hymns have helped her! Sing hymns when you are down!

Jessica is good. We are trying to get her dad worthy so he can baptize her! We will see! Pray for him!!!!!!

I love you a ton family!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pizza and studying with Elder Mendoza.
BOM (Book of Mormon) Squad
Thank You for all of the wonderful birthday/1 year mark cards! 
Worn out shoe soles.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life in the Field: Two Miracle Baptisms

Baptism of Natalia and Veronica. August 27, 2015
This week was pretty good. We had two baptisms, which was a miracle! We baptized Natalia and Veronica.

This week, we had some success with our investigators. We are working with the 2nd Counselor of the Stake Presidency. Veronica was one of his references. Same with Iriss and Melisa. They are taking institute classes which he is teaching. Only problem with working with Pres Duarte is that he likes to teach.... so he teaches.... and we sit. They'll get baptized, so I'm fine. I wish we could teach though!

We took some selfies with Christian. He leaves for his mission tomorrow! He is 22 and was baptized like a year and a half ago. He is super cool. He is an Elder for family history so he already has a plaque. He invited us to eat with him last P-Day for his goodbye party. We ate a ton of tacos with him Hahaha! He is awesome! I told he needed to dump his GF before the mission if he had one and she was there, standing right next to him! Hahahaha! It was super funny! She tells me that she is going to invite me to their wedding! Hahaha! She is leaving for a mission in 3 months, so all is well for them.

We had our baptism Friday. she called us Thursday night, really late saying she can only get dunked tomorrow.... so she got married Friday, but before she got married, we had more to teach so we ran to her house in the morning, taught everything, she went and got married at 3, we set up her interview at 5:30, and she got baptized with her daughter at 7:30..... Wow! Wow! Wow! Full day! She is moving today to a different ward, but she said she will return and feed us one P-Day. Hahaha! She is awesome. Always gives us food! I'll miss her!

I took some selfies with Elder Christensen. He is freaking amazing. He is 23 and is going to end in November. He is from Orem, but was living in San Francisco. I love this guy. He films stuff and he showed me some of his videos. Super awesome. Coolest bro around.

Elder Castillo and I did some random service and moved a ton of dirt. It was really fun and we gained some trust from our investigator.

Sunday was the last Sunday in our ward for Veronica and her family. I took some pictures with my "girlfriend" Nikte Ilallalyd, (Veronica's daughter).  She is so dang cute! I'll miss her :(

On Sunday, we ate dinner with a family from Columbia. We ate fried fish... I knew mom would like seeing a photo of that! Hahaha! You eat it with the scales and everything! It was actually really dang good! The back fin is tasty as well! It's like a really crunchy chip with a ton of flavor. i didn't eat the eyes though. They gave me a bad time, but nahhh! Hahaha!

Today we went to the center of Morelia to get some cash money from the bank and to eat with Elder Christensen and his comp. Super fun, but there was a ton of police and army. They had riot shields and everything... nothing was happening but they were ready for something! They had the whole main street closed. Who knows whats going on!

With Christian before he leaves on his own mission!
This little one loved Elder Jones! 

With Elder Christensen
Fried fish for dinner.

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