Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Life in the Field: Back to Morelia

I got changed to Morelia! How  to describe Morelia? I think Miss Rhode Island said it best, "That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because, it's not to hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!" Hahaha! I don't know why, but that popped into my mind and it's making me laugh because today IS April 25th! But really though, the weather is perfect here! 

This week has been good. We taught some good lessons and found some new investigators. My last week with Elder Vargas was a good one! I hope he baptizes all of our investigators soon! Elder Vargas was one of my best companions! :) We were able to go to the temple on Friday with our converts! We helped them do baptisms for the dead, which was awesome! We didn't do an endowment but that's fine. We were there with them the first time the went into the temple, which was fun. It was a good way to basically say "Bye" and end on a strong note! 

On Monday after our district meeting, we had a little ending the transfer party. It was good, and we ate tacos! :) 

On Sunday, I took some pictures with some families that I love. It was a sad, but fun experience! The mission is awesome. You get to know so many people and you get to change peoples lives. I can't explain it, it's just awesome. 

Today I got to travel with Elder Sasser and Elder Timpson, some of the oldies in the mission. It was a good day today. I also got to see Elder Dance and some other good friends. I'll miss a few people but all in all, it's fine! The mission is always interesting! 

Now I'm in Camelinas Morelia. I love it here already! Haha! The zoo is close by, and also a huge mall. The hospital is close as well,  and the city alone is very pretty, and it seems awesome. The members that I know now seem cool. We share the ward with the Zone Leaders, which is nice. We will hang out with them basically every day! The only thing I don't like is that there are a bunch of hills! :/

I hope you like the meme! Some members made it for me! Haha! It says, "Thanks fried", or in better words, "Thanks fried missionaries" 

But to end the letter, I will miss Las Juntas, but I'm happy to be here in Morelia! I hope we can have some success here! :) This will probably be my last area! How crazy right? Let's hope we can knock it out of the park!

Love you all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life in the Field: Bowling & Pool Fun

This week we baptized Yulisa and Martina! It was a great day. We have had a lot of success in this area!

We have a new investigator that we started teaching Thursday. He is pretty cool, but I'm not sure if he is going to progress. We are hoping to have seven new investigators this week.

Friday, we had our interviews for our investigators. So we hung out with the zone leaders for about half the day. It was funny. We took some dumb photos. We couldn't turn off the alarm to the chapel so during the whole interview, the alarm was going off! Hahaha! Nothing happened, but it was just funny. 

Saturday we had the baptisms. It went well. We started an hour late because everyone got there late, but it was fine. All what matters is that they got baptized! We had to break a lock so we could fill the baptismal font! They put a new lock over the key that stops the drain. The key we had wouldn't work because of the new lock, so we had to open it with a crow bar! We were able to fill the font, and the baptisms happened. We will do whatever we can to make sure the Lord's work isn't stopped! 

Sunday was good as well. Some good talks at church and we had some less actives come to church which was nice.

Today we played bowling and pool at a mall in an area called Bugambilias. It is located in one of wealthier areas of Guadalajara, ,and it's near the Mission Presiden'ts home. This mall was super legit! It was on top of a hill with a bunch of nice houses! It was super fun to bowl! It was so cheap too, so it was even better we were able to have so much fun, for so little money! Axel from the ward gave us a ride and played with us. He is from Tampico and served in Guadalajara. 

Well it looks like I'm going to stay here another 6 weeks! Thanks for the love and support!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Life in the Field: Staying Busy in Las Juntas

Celebrating Zayetzi's 9th birthday!
This week was great! We had a baptism, which was awesome! Magali got baptized, and I baptized her! I made the baptismal font into a wave pool to be honest... hahaha! That was super funny.

This week we are hoping for two more baptisms! WOOOO!

We had interviews with President Eggington this week, which was nice. We had a good talk and I'm probably going to stay here for more time! So crazy!!!!! We are working hard and having a lot of success

We are hoping that next week we can go to downtown Guadalajara to enjoy the sites!

We went to a birthday party! Woo! It was fun and we ate well! We ate some awesome cake! We told the little girl to take a bite of the cake, and I pushed her face into the cake a little! Hahahaha! I baptized her, so it was pretty funny. She said that we aren't friends anymore, but she was joking.

Elder Vargas and I are working hard. We have an awesome ward mission leader. We are baptizing, which isn't normal in Guadalajara (in the city). It's very uncommon to baptize in Guadalajara. We are basically the only missionaries in all of the zone that are baptizing. I think we have baptized half of the recent baptisms in the city of Guadalajara, which shows we are working really hard here!

This week we are hoping for two more baptisms! :) Please pray for them!!!!!

Today Elder Struhs and I went to a mall, and he couldn't believe his eyes! He hasn't seen a mall in over 19 months! Hahaha! He said, "Wow. I miss America so much! I love America, I love malls, I miss home." Hahaha! He was just amazed by a normal looking mall! He has been in a bunch of Pueblitos (very tiny communities far from the city), so he was amazed by the mall. 

It's super hot here now. I miss A/C. Good thing Coke tastes so good! A cold Coke sounds super good right now.! Coke in Guadalajara is the best! Much better than the Coke from TJ, Morelia, and Salvatierra.

Lets hope for the best! I'm so thankful for the success we are having! Please keep praying for us!!!!!!!
Baptism of Magali.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Life in the Field: P-Day Fun!

This week was pretty good! We had a big bang on Wednesday, which is when everyone in the zone works in one area! IT WAS NUTS!

We all worked in Tapatio, and had some fun teaching over there for three hours! We heard a lady cuss out her little son which was kinda funny. Poor kid! We taught a girl who has a sister that is a member, she looks petty golden. I'll be surprised if she doesn't get baptized. After that, we ate some awesome sandwiches and took a fun group photo with my amazing selfie stick! :)

We had a family home evening which was super fun! We did an activity that dealt with push-ups and the Atonement. So, you ask how many push-ups someone can do, and then everyone does push-ups. However many they want. Some do more than they think, others only do their goal, some do less. Afterwards you say how many more you think they could have done, and then you tally it up. Then, you choose someone from the group to do all the left over push ups to save them. To be honest, it's a really good lesson, and kinda hard to watch at times. The person doing the extra push-ups is tired from doing all of theirs, and has to do more. It's nothing comparable to what Christ suffered, but I don't think we have ever watched someone suffer for us in person, and this activity puts it more in perspective. I'm so thankful for the Atonement.

On Saturday, I ate some grasshoppers or crickets! It was pretty weird, and was super salty! Haha! Eating weird food doesn't really bother me any more! It's just normal.

So we watched General Conference, but in Spanish. Its funny how easy it is to watch in Spanish now. It's better in English, but it was fun listening to my last conference in Spanish! I didn't get to watch all due to internet problems but, I downloaded them all right now, so I'll listen to it!  WOOOO! Next conference I'll be home! :)

Today we had a multi zone activity! We played basketball volley ball and football! I just played basketball and a little volley ball. My team was the dream team! We won everything! Haha! It was great seeing a bunch of good friends like Elder Sasser and Elder Zuniga. A lot of great fun! 

This week we are hoping to baptize! :) Pray for Magali! :)