Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life in the Field: A Soccer Star is Born

Most P-Days (Prep Days & E-mail Days) are spent playing soccer. 
Dallin had another wonderful (and fast!) week in Guadalajara. He is learning the language more and more each day and can tell he is improving, if only slightly! He is still happy, healthy, and loving it! He said the food is "amazing" and has had gumbo, pasta, and delicious carrot cake. Besides the blisters, the work is going well in the area. Dallin has handed out two Book of Mormons and they have invited an investigator (someone who is learning from the missionaries about the church) to pray about baptism. He is still enjoying the people, places, and fun he is having! Besides a couple close encounters by dogs, all is well. Here is an excerpt from his letter this week:

I have had a lot of fun here in Guadalajara!  I love it here.  Last week a dog tried to bite me, the dog wrapped his jaws around my leg and was going to bite but then stopped and ran away.  That was strange and weird; I got some dog slobber on my pants and socks.

Yesterday, (Sunday) we visited an investigator, and it was her birthday so she invited us to have cake with her.  She had been ill for a week so we gave her a blessing.  I was performed the anointing which is the third time so far in the mission field.  I feel like I stumbled through the words in Spanish, but every time I have managed to accomplish the prayer. 

We played soccer today and everyone calls me the MVP. I’m a pro at goalie position.  I only allowed 3 goals in 3 games.  The games were the first team to 10 wins, so yes, I was the MVP for today but that could all change next week.
A dog that didn't want to bite him! 
The new elders from the MTC with the mission president (center)
Working by candle light & some Coke!
Companionships are set and the Elders & Sisters are ready to head out!
Just a couple blisters.....

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