Monday, November 17, 2014

Life in the Field: When a 65 Year Old Woman Asks to Marry You....

Viva Mexico & Feliz Navidad!
Yet another excellent week for Elder Jones! He is learning Spanish so quickly and teaching lessons on his own, and the best part is, everyone understands him! He is getting spoiled with delicious food and wonderful families to teach the gospel to each day. He taught an investigator about the restoration of the gospel, and a baptism date was set! A very exciting step in the life of a full time missionary! Here is a funny story & an excerpt from this past week in the words of Dallin:

On Saturday, this lady who was like 65 was telling me how hard it was to get a visa for the USA. She was very animated about it and she was like, "Why is it so hard?", and I said. " I don’t know."  She then said she had a great idea.  She said, "Well you’re a handsome man; marry me so I can get my papers".  It was so funny and the best part is that she spoke in Spanish... and I understood.  This happened just before a lesson we had with a family that owns a small shop. We teach them out in front of the shop, and the old lady was out front too. The lady who wanted to marry me sat in on our lesson.  She was so funny and the joke of the day and during the lesson was about the visa papers and us getting married.  She said at one point, "I want the papers and a honeymoon." I replied with "Usted tiene mucho dienero?" (Do you have a lot of money?) Everyone was dying after I said that.  The lesson went well and she really liked it as well.

The picture of the little girl and I is Pow, and she is adorable.  Her family has been members of the Church for about 4 months and they are so nice.  Her father comes with us a lot to teach lessons. They said they’ll be my family this Christmas. It made me happy so don’t worry I am good hands.

I finished reading The Book of Mormon again.  It was awesome to re-read it again.  What to read now besides Preach My Gospel?  I think I will read about Christ’s ministry.

Today we had the whole zone get together and play dodge ball, soccer and basketball. I played basketball and dodge ball. Everyone wanted me on their team for basketball they call me the MVP. We ate some good carne asada and sausage which was so good.  Tell Shawn Cook how good my food is here in Guadalajara!
Elder Jones & Pow!
Don't worry...this nasty guy was OUTSIDE. Dallin assured us, no bugs inside the house!
Everyone thinks it's so funny that Dallin loves "Frozen" and Disney so much! 
After a fun afternoon of dodge ball, basketball, and soccer!
Some delicious carne asada & sausage for lunch!
Such posers...
Everyone after a fun afternoon of playing some games

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