Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life in the Field: Christmas in Mexico

After the missionary gift exchange!
The first holiday in the mission field has already come and gone for Elder Jones! It was such a happy day to be able to Skype with him on Christmas day and see his face and hear his voice. It was the best part of everyone's day! He is doing so well; happy, healthy, and looking great! The day was spent with fellow missionaries doing a gift exchange, a pinata in the parking lot, and delicious food from many members in the area. Dallin was gifted an awesome hat, but I think it was made for someone with a smaller head in mind. :) On Sunday, a couple investigators came to church and set a date for baptism, which is very exciting! This week, some elders were able to meet up and go out to lunch for the holiday. Dallin met a new friend, Elder Sausser from Idaho and they had a great time sharing stories and connecting about being from the USA! 
A member families new kitten. Dallin was smitten!
A quick MRI for his companions knee. All is well, but they had some fun taking photos!
Decorating the apartment with some lights from Mom.
Elder Santa is a little too tall for the doorways in Mexico.
Handmade gift exchange. Nice antlers, Dallin!
Elder Sausser received Dallin's "homemade" scarf! 
Dallin & Elder Hulme. Check out his misison blog here.
Some letters arrived in time for Christmas!

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