Monday, January 19, 2015

Life in the Field: A New Companion

Elder Garcia and Elder Jones. (Dallin's 2nd companion)
This week, Dallin received a new companion! His name is Elder Garcia, and he is native of Mexico. He entered the mission field in October, when Dallin was arriving in Mexico, making Dallin the senior companion! He is very excited to, "adventure, serving, and teaching the wonderful people of Guadalajara." A great part of the week is always visiting the Robles family in the ward for dinners and lessons. They have an adorable kitten and she LOVES Dallin! It always makes him happy when that cute kitty curls up on his lap. Here is a quick run down of the week from Elder Jones:

This week not much happened with my other companion getting ready to go back home.  This past Saturday, I said good bye to my first mission field companion.  I then was joined with Elder Sealor, from Tennessee, while we waited for our new companion assessments.  I was a lot of fun working with Elder Sealor because he “Ya'll” a lot and it just cracked me up.  Elder Sealor and I worked both areas visiting and teaching.  I attended church in the area with elder Sealor and the members thought I was the newly assigned missionary and they invited me to speak during church services.  It was fun to speak and then sadly tell them that I was just there for 3 days.

One of our current investigators is really awesome and has been clean from a drug dependency issue for 7 years now.  He is very happy and I hope that he will allow us to share more of our message with him.   Another investigator Danny is very nice and progressing.  He lived with his family in Los Angeles California for the majority of his life and they recently relocated to Guadalajara.  Danny couldn’t make it church yesterday because he wanted to watch the football games (haha!) so maybe next week.

As always, keep writing and showing your love and support!
Cute little kitty cat!
Missionaries at a zone meeting.
Who doesn't love pizza?!
Floral Therapy: Flower essences are supported by science. Natural method in which the individual conscious rescues fears of fatigue, crisis, and educational needs. Children, adolescents, and adults.
The Robles Family
Last photo before Dallin's first companion was released from the mission field.

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