Thursday, January 15, 2015

Life in the Field: Holiday of Kings

Dallin's slice of King Cake
This week, Elder Jones and his fellow missionaries were able to celebrate the Holiday of Kings. In Guadalajara, many families celebrate this holiday by exchanging gifts. The holiday is celebrating the 3 Wise Men (kings from the East) who visited the baby Jesus after his birth. The celebration involves a traditional King Cake (similar to a Mardi Gras cake), where each participant takes turns cutting their own slice. If a tiny, plastic baby is found in your slice of cake, you owe everyone in the group tamales! Sounds like a fun and delicious tradition! As always, Dallin enjoys hearing from all of you! Make it a goal to write him an e-mail every two weeks! Here is an excerpt from his letter this week:
Looks like tamales are on the menu.. and these are the chefs!
 On Friday, Elder Escobar (missionary on splits with) and I moved stuff for an Old Egyptologist from France.  He was about 70 and he had a bunch of cool stuff from Greece, Egypt, and other places. He spoke really good English so we talked a bunch.  While moving his bed we had to take it apart half way up the stairs, so we awkwardly hit it with a hammer, took it apart and brought it up the stairs and put it back together. While going up the stairs, we broke a light and it started to spark everywhere and I almost got zapped. That night we bought a huge pizza which was half Hawaiian and half Mexican and so dang good with a Dr Pepper!  It was  a great way to end the evening after working.

Saturday we had a missionary night activity for the ward, and I shared a message about testimonies because it appears that many don’t know or understand what a testimony is. At the conclusion we watched "The Restoration".

Next week, my companion goes home, so I will be getting a new one! I am so excited to get a new companion and show him our area in the city! We need to get people to church... wish us luck!  
Elder Escobar & Elder Jones enjoying a well deserved pizza!

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