Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life in the Field: Goal Setting

No photos from Mexico this week... computer problems! Instead I have decided to attach the letter from Dallin! Sounds like it was a great week! 

Dear Family,

To be honest, i really don't remember too much during the week.... Besides the fact we keep setting up times with people to come with us to teach and they don't come.... That's really annoying. We will wait for like 15-30 min and they wont answer their phone, and then we get a text saying that they are busy... really annoying at times but its alright.... in time :) :)

We had a zone meeting which was like 4 hours plus.... Sooo long. It was really fun though. We played a game about setting goals. We had a bunch of balloons and had 1 min to blow them up and we had to set a goal of how many we were to blow up. We did this twice. We saw that the 1st time we totally passed our goal, so we all upped our goal and changed our strategies a bit. The second time we passed our goal again by 10 balloons. It shows that when we set real goals and we complete them, we have more vigor to beat it the second time. That was really cool to see how that changes your mentality. Then we got to pop all the balloons which was super fun!

Later that day, we had a meeting with the mission leader of our ward. that was alright. we are planning an activity for the ward so I hope that goes well. 

The investigators we have now are really good! One of them is a husband to a member. All of her kids are members too. He is so golden. He has a bunch of soul searching questions which are good. He loved church and he feels more peace in his life. It's so great to see people change. He said that he doesn't know how, but we always answer his questions and he can't really believe it. We always know what to say and how to help him. His wife told him that its the Spirit and she is right. If we don't have the spirit, we have nothing. It's always important to have the spirit.

One family we are teaching, two of the kids are members but they are less active. Their mom died recently... she had cancer and I knew her a little, and they are so thankful that we keep passing by with them. I hope we can help them come unto Christ so they can one day enter into the temple and receive an eternal family. They are a lot better now, but still upset. I hope they start coming to church and feel Gods love for them.

Those are some of our really good investigators. We have one other that's really good but ill talk about him next week!

Thanks for all the Christmas cards! Thanks for all the love and support!


Elder Dallin McKay Jones

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