Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life in the Field: A Deep Clean

Alto (Tall). Couldn't be more true for our favorite Elder!

This week, Dallin and his companion were tasked with deep cleaning the apartment. Since it is all tile floors, they borrowed a power washer from a member and went to town! They also had some great lessons with investigators this week and ate way to much pizza (as usual!) As always, please write via e-mail or Dear Elder and keep Dallin and his companion in your prayers as they teach the gospel to those in Guadalajara!  Here is an excerpt from Dallin's letter this week:

I went on transfers again this week with Elder Tonala with Elder Sasser. Two big white gringos teaching the gospel. It was a blast. Nothing too interesting happened. We just had a bunch of fun because we could speak English!

This week we spent 5 hours painting a members house & then they fed us an amazing lunch!

We have one investigator who is really great and he lived in Los Angeles for a long time so his English is perfect. He has a desire to stop drinking which is good, and he just needs to go to church.  We almost got him to attend last Sunday, so I am hoping next week will be his first visit to a Church meeting.

One of our investigators has decided to not answer his door for the past 2 weeks which makes me sad. He was progressing well and had been to church 3 times. I hope he will let us in the door this week because he was really good person.

A large mini city display in the city
The leaning tower of pizza boxes (ha. get it?)
Fresh haircut for Elder Jones. How handsome is he?!
This is from the balloon activity the missionaries did a few weeks ago.
Kitty snuggles and selfies. What Elder Jones does best.
Apparently, you can worship Dragon Ball Z? This poster reads, "In this home we witness Goku and do not accept propoganda, Gods weighing less than 2000 ki,, or supernatural beings , as well as imaginary friends. Goku lives. Milk lives. Gohan lives. Live the dragon balls."
February Meal Calendar.... Looks like a good line up! 
The power washer... I think they had a little too much fun with this?

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