Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life in the Field: Rain, Rain, and More Rain

A busy and wet week in Mexico for Elder Jones. It poured rain straight for a couple of days, and even had some hail! Thankfully, a good rain jacket and umbrella helped when it came to walking and working during the storm. There is also exciting news on the investigator front! Here is an excerpt from Dallin's letter this week:

Gosh it poured rain! We were walking in rivers! It hailed a little bit too. 

One major thing I do remember is that on my  6 month mark, I burned a tie!!!! OH YEAH!!! 6 months baby! hahaha That was super fun, and well playing with fire is always great. We also found a huge cockroach, and flipped it over, put alcohol on it and burned it. hahaha. A little morbid. Gosh we are super bored at night, but oh well ;)

Our lesson in front of the temple was super good! We could just feel a difference of the spirit when we entered! We taught our lesson, and Sergio got his answer! He wants to get baptized next week, and not this week which is fine. Its his choice and I'm just stoked he is ready! Everyone in the ward is super excited because he is the husband of Hna Fragosa. 

We also got in contact with Gabby, and we can finally teach her! My old Companion and I have taught her 3 lessons, and she only needs two more. She has gone to church 13 times, all she needs is the teachings and to have an interview! I'm super stoked about that! Possibility of two baptisms in the next two weeks!!!! :))))) 
At a baptism for a new member in the Sister missionaries area.

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