Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Life in the Field: Because He Lives

We had some really good lessons and we have started the #graciasaqueÉlvive campaign from the church. It's really good! See the video here and share it! Who knows who it will touch? Share it and help the missionaries!!!!! It's really good! The church is going to buy Youtube for a day again, so spread the word! :)

We had divisions again this week. Elder Garcia went to Tonalá with Elder Sasser. I was with Elder Rodriguez which was sweet. It was a party! 

Sergio is progressing well and we are going to baptize him between the 1st and 2nd session of General Conference! Everyone from the ward is really excited! He has been listening to the missionaries for 9 years off and on. Im really excited! First baptism is a big catch! Everyone asked us what we did, and really we don't know. I think he was just prepared because all we did was teach the lessons, and on his own, he started to pray and read.... It was really awesome! 

Ok the sandwich that i ate today was sooo good. You eat it with a fork and a knife. Its called tortas ahogadas. Its basically a sandwich soaked in salsa! So dang good!

Today we played some soccer, and did a bunch of nothing.... overall pretty good! 

Keep praying for the missionaries and that we find people to teach! Love you all! 
This is the Robles Family. They have been members of the church for about 7 months and Dallin loves them! 
This is Angel and he is a Hipster. In Mexico, hipsters listen to Rap. HAHA! 
Torta Ahogadas.

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