Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life in the Field: Staying in the City

Another update from Elder Jones. Good news, he wasn’t transferred! He will be able to stay in the city and see a couple of his investigators baptized! He is super jazzed about that. On Friday, all the missionaries attended a zone meeting and Dallin received a ton of letters! Thank you for sharing and sending your love and support. He absolutely LOVES receiving these letters and packages! Here is an excerpt from his letter this week:

This week was all right. I don’t remember much before Friday… only that for a few days, we showered in cold water which was pretty bad! Hahaha! The Robles Family have a metal coil for heating water, which they showed me, and gosh that thing is sweet! Super dangerous, but man it heats water fast! Don’t worry, we didn’t use it! We have gas now in our house so we have hot water :)

Friday, we had zone meeting which went well. I got a ton on letters! My package wasn’t there.... but overall it was good :) after we went to a family’s house to eat carne asada and chorizo. It was for Elder Pavon, who is probably in his house with his family right now! Gosh that guy was great!

Satuday was a little crazy. We were going to pass by for Elder Escobar so he could have someone to watch him until Monday for his new companion, but he got super sick and went to the hospital with Elder Pavon. So we had to go all the way to the offices for Elder Escobar. We stopped everything to go to the offices which takes an hour and a half in bus. So we got there, and took him back to Libertad.... with my package :) Gosh that thing weighed a ton!!!!!!! Holy cow! But dang, I’m going to eat good :)

Saturday night, we had an activity in the chapel. It went well, but didn’t have many investigators come, or any new references from the ward. Oh well... it was super fun! We had a spiritual thought and played a game where we acted out scenes from the Bible/ Book of Mormon. It was super fun!

Saturday night, we had the option of one of us sleeping on the ground, or joining two beds together.... None of us wanted to sleep on the ground, so we made a giant bed! We did that both nights, and we called it Pangea Bed. Hahaha!

Sunday night, I had my bags ready but we never got a phone call.  Here in this mission, they call at 9:30 the night before transfers. Kinda dumb, but I wanted to be ready! So today, I unpacked a little bit! 

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