Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life in the Field: Divisions & Elections

Zone meeting photo
It was a good week for Elder Jones in Mexico! Although they couldn't leave their home on Sunday, besides to attend church, they still had a wonderful day and week. Because of elections, the missionaries were advised to only attend church and spend the rest of the day in their homes, just in case anything crazy broke out. They spent the day reading and writing letters, which sounds like a great Sunday activity for ALL of us! Here is an excerpt from Dallin's letter this week:

This week has been pretty good. We had two people come to church which is great! We have a posibility of 3 baptisms this month, so let's see if we can pull it off!!!!

We had divisions this week with the Elders of Moreleon, which was good. I was with Elder Juarez in my area. Elder Juarez has 7 months in the field. He is from Puebla, Mexico and hes pretty chill. We had a lot of fun. Didn't have a bunch of success teaching that day, but it was fun. 

We had some pretty funny lessons with Elizabeth this week. She's pretty dang funny. Sometimes it's hard to teach her, but that's alright. I'M MAD AT HER THOUGH (kinda).... she promised to come to church but didn't come! she has been 4 times! The rule in our mission is that our investigators have to attend church 5 times before they commit to being baptized. We will baptize her, one day. Maybe not me, but she will be baptized, I know it! 

Thanks for all the support and love!
On divisions/splits with Elder Juarez from Puebla, MX.
Sunday snooze? Just a little nap for Dallin's companion.
Getting a little silly at the zone meeting photo!

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