Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life in the Field: Double Rainbow = Double Blessings!

We are happy to report that this was a great week for Dallin in Mexico! This week, they had a zone conference where the Zone Leaders shared some information about the new mission president. Dallin will be able to meet with him this week! Here is an excerpt from his letter: 

We had some really great lessons and some fun this week! 

We had zone meeting this week. It went really well! It was fun and a little different. Our new president doesn't really care for numbers now, which I really like. We didn't report numbers or anything. The zone leaders say that he is really awesome so I'm stoked. I'll get to meet him soon, either this week or next. We are going to have interviews :)

We were driving to a lesson in Tarimoro and we saw a rainbow! The best part, it turned into a double rainbow! HAH! It was funny because I started to sing the double rainbow song! 

We had 3 investigators in sacrament meeting which was great. We have a baptism coming up this week for Antonio, and his friend is going to baptize him. We just need to finish up a few lessons! 

Anna came to church and brought her daughter. Her daughter was kinda upset because she had to come to church, but she left happy with some new friends! Blessings for going to church! :) 

Brian is doing great. Really enjoys church and is excited. I'm smelling two baptisms for the first of August! Pray for our investigators! 
Who says missionaries can't have some fun?!
I think I know who the ring leader is.... 
Double Rainbow! One Side....
Other Side!
All of his delicious Mexican food is killing me.


  1. That's my cute Elder Clifford with him making a silly face!! Can I make a copy of this picture?

    1. Hi Kathee,

      Of course you can! So happy you found this blog and the photos! You can take any you like and see of your cute Elder Clifford in the future. :)

      -Rebecca (Dallin's older sister)

  2. Thank you!! Same to you guys, if you see any on Colby's blog of your brother, copy away!