Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life in the Field: Rain or Shine, The Work Goes On!

Area Sisters & Elders celebrating Elder Juarez' birthday!
This week was good. Had some crazyyyyyyyy rain and hail for a day which was sweet. 

We were in the Carnaval area and it started to poor and everyone's stuff started to blow away and fly so we ran back to our house because it was a little dangerous outside. It started to hail! SO WE BOOKED IT! Hahah! It was great. Later that day, we were walking around, and there was a blown over tree. Over all a great day full of craziness. We were in the chapel on Thursday and lightening was everywhere! One landed really close the the chapel, but all was well.

It was the birthday of Elder Juarez. Hermana Morales smacked his face in the cake! HAHA! Second time she has done it! So funny. I better watch out if she is around for my birthday.

We had some good lessons this week, but we have a lot to do. 

Yesterday, we went to Morelia again  for a meeting with the Stake President. He has some crazy plans for the work here. He has a goal of 7 baptisms for each ward, each month! He has a plan that involves each organization at church giving 30 references every month! That means 30 from each of Relief Society, Primary, Young Mens, Young Womens, Priesthood, ect..... I'm blown away! Hahaha if it works, we should be in the water all day.

Evyln came back from EFY and she is stoked to get baptized and she wants to serve a mission! Super sweet! Success for the elders here!!!! We are going to baptize her and her mom this week! :) Next week, maybe we will baptized Anayeli, but we might push it back one more week.
Storm aftermath
*** Please note: Dallin's 1 Year Mark & 20th Birthday are September 17th & September 19th. It takes about 6-8 weeks for mail to get to Dallin. Please note that an International Stamp or at least $1.50 of regular US Stamps.*** Please address to: 

Elder Dallin McKay Jones
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission
Elder Dallin M. Jones
Calle 18 de Marzo #3088
Col. Las Aguilas
C.P. 45080 Zapopan, Jalisco

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