Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life in the Field: Fireworks & Church Success

This week was great! We had a lot of success, and we should be having two baptisms on the first of August and one on the eighth! 

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had divisions with the Elders from Moroleon. I was with Elder Jaurez in my area. We ate some pizza and had some fun. 

On Thursday, we were running back to our house, and we turned the corner, and there was a huge concert in the street! Gosh kill us! We made it home 5 min late due to that, but that's alright. We got to listen to some banda while walking. Banda has a bunch of trumpets and a tuba. I don't remember what else it has but its kinda grown on me.... kinda sad, like it doesn't bother me when i listen to it now....

After that, we were planning for the next day, and we heard some fireworks.... we decided fireworks are more important than planning so we ran to the roof and watched the fireworks!!! we took some cool pictures too! it was a great night! Always fun when there are cool fireworks!

What else happened this week? We had an activity at the church which was really fun! It was a missionary activity for the members, so we asked them to invite friends and we watched meet the Mormons. It was a great night. We had drinks and popcorn! 

Yesterday we had 3 people in church. Ana, Evyln, and Anayeli. Ana and Evyln will get baptized the first and Anayeli the 8th. Evyln is at EFY this week which is awesome! She is 16 and is already asking about missionaries and how to be one! I'm stoked!

Today we played soccer with some of the kids from church and their friends. We had a blast, but now my back hurts. I almost feel just as sore as after a football game... I was a beast. I scored a ton, it was great! Haha!

Well that was the week! 

Bad news, our washer is broken, but we can get it to work to a certain point so I'm trying to think how am i going to wash my sheets... I will figure it out!

*** Please note: Dallin's 1 Year Mark & 20th Birthday are September 17th & September 19th. It takes about 6-8 weeks for mail to get to Dallin. Please note that an International Stamp or at least $1.00 dollar of regular US Stamps.*** Please address to: 

Elder Dallin McKay Jones
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission
Elder Dallin M. Jones
Calle 18 de Marzo #3088
Col. Las Aguilas
C.P. 45080 Zapopan, Jalisco

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