Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life in the Field: Transfer to Tarimbaro

One last photo with the missionaries in Salvatierra!
Dear Family,

I got changed to Tarimbaro, which is in the same stake as Salvatierra. I'm basically in Morelia which is cool! My 3rd state in the mission!

The week was good, we visited all of our converts and it was fun but it was kinda lame since I changed areas. They are putting a trainer there and a new missionary. 

So this week, Elder Clifford and I were together from Friday - Sunday in Acambaro, which was fun. We got a ton of free bread because a member there has a bread shop and a bunch of other stores around that area. So we ate some good freaking bread! Hahaha! Plus, we were in her house and we asked to see 1000 pesos and it was sweet and she also pulled out a ton of american money and pesos! It was so fun with Elder Clifford. I swear it's the best when Americans can be together.

So, they called me and told me I had changes so we had a crazy day yesterday between preparing my bags and Elder Clifford's bags, due to the fact we were in one area and my stuff was in a other area. We got to Morelia today at 1 AM. It was a very long day!

So, I get here to my new area and the mission just bought this house so nothing is ready. They didn't plug their refrigerator in, so there was a ton of freaking mold! So, I got scrubbing and I cleaned that bad boy out. 
New companion, Elder Castillo.
Having a little too much fun over the weekend with Elder Clifford! 
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  1. I love this!! All we got from Elder Clifford was "We had cambios, I am now in Rio Verde", so hearing a little bit about their weekend and seeing a picture has made my day!

    1. Kathee,

      I am so glad you came to check out the photo! Please use for your documentation. :) Sometimes it's like pulling and arm and a leg to get these boys to write! Where is the Clifford family from?