Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life in the Field: Success with Investigators

Elder Castillo and Elder Jones
This week was alright. My comp is Elder Castillo from Campeche Mexico. He has 10 months in the mission. He has been a member for the church for 3 or 4 years which is cool. He likes to work hard which is good. We changed the work flow and had a lot of success. 5 investigators came to church on Sunday, which was great. We might baptize this Saturday depending if veronica can get married (You must be keeping the commandments in order to get married. She currently is just living with her boyfriend.) Pray for her!

Also pray for Alejandra. She is super awesome and has a goal set for getting baptized next month. She has some problems with commandments, but she knows everything and has been going to church for months! She just needs some help with strength to overcome temptations! Pray for her as well!

There are so many dang hills here, its nuts! I'm dropping weight again... but the weather here is nice! A lot cooler and windy. We have a nice house as well! It has a virgin maria on the wall! Hahahaa. We covered it with a bookcase, but its legit.

The members are cool. This week, Elder Christoferson is coming to Morelia at the stake center in my area, which is just 4 min away from the house to talk..... and we aren't invited! Super bummed. Oh well, first time an apostle has came to Morelia. 

 We are visiting a cool less active family and we have a new investigator there. She is really cool. The entire family came to church and are super excited about it! I hope it all goes well. 

We also have two investigators that are going to Institute, which is sweet! They are 19 & 18 year old sisters, and references from a member of the Stake Presidency. We are teaching them tonight!

I will be getting all of my letters/packages next week and I am so excited! Thank You all for what you have sent!
Virgin Mary art in the home.

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