Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life in the Field: Conference & Go Carts

Go kart riding with Elder Christensen
This week was pretty sweet. A bunch of fun stuff and a bunch of craziness.....

We had our zone meeting which was fun. I got to see my old comp Elder Garcia which was funny. We talked a bit which was nice. He makes me laugh. Hahaha! We had some problems, but overall we got along pretty well when we were companions. 

We had our zone meeting and I got a TON of cards!!! Elder Dance called everyone over and said, "Hey everyone watch this!" and he gave all the cards to me and only one to Sister Anderson. Hahahahaha! Then i had two packages, which was legit!!! Everyone was jealous. Hermana Andersen was like, "What the heck?!?!?! The only people who write me on P-day is my Grandma.... and if I'm lucky i get letters or a package." She ended up getting a letter and a package, so that was great for her!

After that we went to the house and I opened up my box from DT and Vlad (friends from high school). I think the funny part is that I was in the bathroom when I opened the box! Karma.

For conference, we watched it in the high council room. With the AC on, drinking coke and eating chips and candy.  Pretty dang fly if you ask me! On Sunday I brought 2 liters of Coke & Lays chips and candy for everyone. Hahahaha! Elder Dance and Elder Christensen ate well with me :)

Conference was really good and I enjoyed the talks! Elder Nelson with the power! President Monson looked like was going to fall over. I was a little worried at the end of his talk. I hope he can get a little better! 

Today was fun! We went and ate with Elder Mendoza and Elder Christensen which was fun! Elder Christensen and I went on some go carts for 40 pesos. They were super fun! no seat belts or anything! I love Elder Christensen!!!!!!!
Elder Garcia, one of Dallin's old companions.
Zone Conference
T-shirt and package from DT & Vlad.

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