Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life in the Field: Baptism & Ward Party

This week was good! A lot of things happened, and it was fun!

Elder Norman and I took some sweet pics! He went home today! He is from California and he lives in Ventura, which is cool. We are going to hangout after the mish.... Hahaha! He is awesome. He was in Moroleon, and now Elder Garcia is there!

After that, we were walking and noticed a ton of tomatoes in the street and people picking them up, so we picked up a ton of them and brought them to a members house. Haha! I think it was like 5 kilos. That was fun!

On Friday, the Stake President called us and told us that Adriana passed her interview and wanted to be baptized the same day! Awesome! We ran the the chapel, called our district leader, got the interview set up for her son and tried to ready the baptism font.... THERE WASN'T WATER!!! We had like 3 hours to kill before the baptism, but the water pump didn't work. So we were hoping they could fix it before the baptism, but they couldn't, so 30 min before the baptism we called a water tanker to fill it up! We had it filled in like 7 minutes! Hahaha! So awesome!!!!!!!!! 

I baptized Adriana, and she was sooo nervous! When I was helping her into the font, she was squeezing my hand! I baptized her, and my my comp baptized Benjamin, which was good! Overall a great day!

After the baptism, we had a Noche Mexicana, which was fun! We ended the service and went straight to the activity! So many people came to her baptism because everyone was at the church! Good day! Super funny as well! The 2nd counselor of the Stake Presidency danced with his wife, and we were laughing our butts off! I cracked some jokes on the mic, which was funny, and  there was a marriage proposal! SO crazy!!!!!!!!

Our converts Natalia and Victoria came to our sacrament and all of church! It was soooo great to see them!!!!!!!! Victoria gave the prayer to end the sacrament meeting which was awesome!!! I miss them a ton!!!!!!!!! :) It was fun!

Today we went to the centro and ate some Burger King and went looking at stuff to buy. I didn't buy anything but we had fun with some other missionaries! Overall a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanks for the love and support!!!! 
Elder Norman and Elder Jones
Marriage proposal at the ward activity!
A little girl in the ward getting ready to dance.
The water tank filling the baptismal font. 

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