Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life in the Field: Visa Renewals & Meeting Elder Durrant

This photo was posted on the mission Facebook Page with "I Love you Mom!" We love that Sister Egginton, the mission presidents wife, updates the page with photos!
This week was crazy! They called me on Tuesday and told me that I needed to be in Guadalajara on Thursday. We changed all our plans and came to Guadalajara and we went to the temple!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING! The next morning we left to go renew our Visas.

We go take pictures and everything and then they told us that the pictures weren't any good, so we went and looked for different pictures, and again they told us that they weren't good because they weren't from a studio. They basically just didn't want to give us Visas! They then told us that the pictures we needed were going to take two days. Since we were going to be there two days, we walked around the city and went back to the temple, which was great!

The next day we got to Listen to Elder Durant, who gave the talk about ponderizing, which was sweet! HE IS SO TALL! I look up to him! Anyways, we learned some cool things and also listened to other members of the 70, which was cool. I gave a comment about a good teaching principle and Elder Durant loved it! He thanked me, and when we shook hands after he was telling me how awesome I am. HAHA! :)

After that, I saw Elder Clifford! Love that guy! He made me laugh a ton! I also saw Elder Mathews which was great. He is going to end soon. I also saw Elder Ball who is going home. I was following him for awhile in the mission... that was funny. We have a lot of the same areas! He is from San Diego as well! :)

After that we went to another area which was in Tlajomulco, to do divisions so we could work a little. It was a good ward. I liked it there. It's weird being in Guadalajara again, but its awesome here because there are a bunch of restaurant chains that are American! I had to buy some Dairy Queen and McDonalds and all that :) I'm fat!

Finally today, we got it all fixed and we have the Visas and everything ready. :) It was fun to see all my MTC companions again when we met up to renew our Visas. We had a fun couple of days in the city-- I am very tired from staying up late with them! 

Love you all! 
Elder Clifford and Elder Jones
Elder Jones meeting Elder Durrant
Elder Jones & Elder Struhs, MTC companions renewing Visas.
Elder Jones & Elder Ball. Elder Ball is from San Diego & his Aunt and Uncle (Bruce and Jill) were in our long time ward in Seal Beach! 
MTC Companions reunited for Visa renewals!
Elders with Karla, a member in their ward preparing to serve a mission!
This bird flew into the house and Elder Vargas caught it with his bare hands!

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