Monday, November 2, 2015

Life in the Field: The Long Way Home

This week was good! I had interviews with President, which was nice! It was really good to just talk and talk and talk. He is an awesome President. Really shows his love for us. I talked to his wife for like 40 minutes about Disneyland and about life. She really loves to talk! It made me happy. I showed her my Disneyland pass and she was super duper happy!

Today, we went Downtown. TONS OF AMERICANS! Well not a ton, but a bit. We got some money out of the bank and then ate with some of the Elders, the zone leaders and another companionship. MY SANDWICH WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have a part of it in the house for tonight ;)

The other missionaries that were staying with us found a house and moved out Saturday. I swept the house after they left because they left it dirty! Oh well, now our house is pretty and clean! Next Monday is transfers and I will probably have a new companion.

Crazy story time....

So we were leaving a lesson, and decided to go the long way back because the short cut is pitch black-- no street lights. So, we took the longer way and were walking and got to the main road. We were walking, and there is an on ramp to the highway in front of us. A car was coming, didn't see the curve in the road, and drove through it! The car flew and almost landed in the highway! He was on the side walk, and he stopped about 6 or 8 yards in front of us! If we had taken the short way, we would have been hit! Lesson learned! If you're obedient, and follow promptings and laws of the land (taking the long way with light!) you are blessed. That's the secret of life, obedience!

Thanks for all the letters and love!!!!!!!
Elder Jones & Dean Chavez, a member in the area. He will be moving to Huntington Beach, CA.
Breakfast, lunch & dinner!
Haircut & looking handsome!

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