Monday, April 11, 2016

Life in the Field: Staying Busy in Las Juntas

Celebrating Zayetzi's 9th birthday!
This week was great! We had a baptism, which was awesome! Magali got baptized, and I baptized her! I made the baptismal font into a wave pool to be honest... hahaha! That was super funny.

This week we are hoping for two more baptisms! WOOOO!

We had interviews with President Eggington this week, which was nice. We had a good talk and I'm probably going to stay here for more time! So crazy!!!!! We are working hard and having a lot of success

We are hoping that next week we can go to downtown Guadalajara to enjoy the sites!

We went to a birthday party! Woo! It was fun and we ate well! We ate some awesome cake! We told the little girl to take a bite of the cake, and I pushed her face into the cake a little! Hahahaha! I baptized her, so it was pretty funny. She said that we aren't friends anymore, but she was joking.

Elder Vargas and I are working hard. We have an awesome ward mission leader. We are baptizing, which isn't normal in Guadalajara (in the city). It's very uncommon to baptize in Guadalajara. We are basically the only missionaries in all of the zone that are baptizing. I think we have baptized half of the recent baptisms in the city of Guadalajara, which shows we are working really hard here!

This week we are hoping for two more baptisms! :) Please pray for them!!!!!

Today Elder Struhs and I went to a mall, and he couldn't believe his eyes! He hasn't seen a mall in over 19 months! Hahaha! He said, "Wow. I miss America so much! I love America, I love malls, I miss home." Hahaha! He was just amazed by a normal looking mall! He has been in a bunch of Pueblitos (very tiny communities far from the city), so he was amazed by the mall. 

It's super hot here now. I miss A/C. Good thing Coke tastes so good! A cold Coke sounds super good right now.! Coke in Guadalajara is the best! Much better than the Coke from TJ, Morelia, and Salvatierra.

Lets hope for the best! I'm so thankful for the success we are having! Please keep praying for us!!!!!!!
Baptism of Magali.

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