Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Life in the Field: Scriptures for Bible Bashers

Pedro is a member in the ward and loves the missionaries! 
Another great week for Elder Jones in Guadalajara! They were able to teach and visit many members and investigators of the church this week in homes and on the street. One of his investigators even game him and his companion some candy for Valentines Day. Isn't that thoughtful? Elder Jones was especially excited to hear that some of his friends from school and church received mission calls this week! He is very excited to speak Spanish with them when they all arrive home! Here is an excerpt from Dallin's letter this week:

So one day, we were walking and this cute lady was walking towards us, and she stopped, and pulled out a pamphlet for JW. Then, she pulls out her version of the bible and tries to fight us. It was clear she just studies the bible to try and destroy others, while we study for personal use and to help others. So we start to talk to her and the whole time she tells us that we aren't reading it right. We find that this is just a waste of time, so we keep it short and leave. When we say we need to go, but she still tries to tell us we are wrong and tells us to read Galatians 1 about false prophets and teachers. We used the Book of Mormon with her and she told us its not true and then we show her Ezekiel 37 and Isaiah 29 and she cant believe it. It was a little waste of time, but gosh she was persistent. I don't read my bible often, but I know what scriptures are necessary to defend my faith.

The guy in front of the van is Pedro. He is a member and he is a boss. He lives in front of his daughters house in that van with some sketchy power lines going into it so he has power! HA HA! He's great. He loves the missionaries. Sometimes he wears a little "member missionary" plaque to church. 

We had a really good lesson with Tania (the girl who gave us the candy). She is 18 almost 19, so we brought two young adults with us to a lesson. Deigo, who is 19, and Hermana Nevai who is 21. Sister Nevai just came back from a mission, and she is super good at teaching. We had a really good lesson and Diego and Sister Nevai are helping Tania, our investigator with questions and everything. I hope she wants to get baptized.

Animals LOVE Elder Jones!
Elder Jones, Tania (an investigator) and Elder Garcia.

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