Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life in the Field: First Week in Salvatierra

Elder Jones spent his first week in his new area of Salvatierra and really enjoyed it! His new companion, Elder Sanchez is a great companion and on track to head home in a couple weeks. The city is beautiful and very big! The Elders had to travel by bus and foot to attend meetings this week-- a lot of walking! Here is an excerpt from Dallin's letter this week:

So basically everyone loves Salvatierra. It's one of the best areas. The weather is really nice, we live right in the historic center of the town and it is just beautiful. Everyone is friendly and there are a bunch of shops and a cool market in our area! Mom said she looked up the city and said it looked nice, and it really is! There's also a huge Catholic temple as well and its very pretty. My area is way bigger than my last ZONE! Not area but ZONE!!! We don't go very far from Salvatierra which is nice. My area is about 4-5 larger then my last Zone.

The members here are really nice and friendly. I really like the Bishop. He actually stops by peoples houses and invites them to activities and such. He is a cool guy. One sister in the ward is really awesome! She basically loves the Elders and she told me that she's my Second mom and I need to listen to her! Ha ha! We also have a sister that gives us free tacos which is sweeeeeet. Free tacos=Happy Elder Jones. 

I had my interview with Pres. Camarillo which was good. He wants us to search for all the less actives in our area, and with that, use them to find new people to teach. So thats good.

Elder Sanchez is really awesome. I really enjoy him as a companion. He is really relaxed and likes to work! We are both senior companions and I hope he doesn't die on me in the last few weeks. He got his travel plans today in his email today which is pretty cool. 

We have a few really good investigators and I'm sure we will get one baptism together, maybe two! Over all I'm really excited. Nothing for sure though! People have the choice to change! 

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