Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life in the Field: Two Miracle Baptisms

Baptism of Natalia and Veronica. August 27, 2015
This week was pretty good. We had two baptisms, which was a miracle! We baptized Natalia and Veronica.

This week, we had some success with our investigators. We are working with the 2nd Counselor of the Stake Presidency. Veronica was one of his references. Same with Iriss and Melisa. They are taking institute classes which he is teaching. Only problem with working with Pres Duarte is that he likes to teach.... so he teaches.... and we sit. They'll get baptized, so I'm fine. I wish we could teach though!

We took some selfies with Christian. He leaves for his mission tomorrow! He is 22 and was baptized like a year and a half ago. He is super cool. He is an Elder for family history so he already has a plaque. He invited us to eat with him last P-Day for his goodbye party. We ate a ton of tacos with him Hahaha! He is awesome! I told he needed to dump his GF before the mission if he had one and she was there, standing right next to him! Hahahaha! It was super funny! She tells me that she is going to invite me to their wedding! Hahaha! She is leaving for a mission in 3 months, so all is well for them.

We had our baptism Friday. she called us Thursday night, really late saying she can only get dunked tomorrow.... so she got married Friday, but before she got married, we had more to teach so we ran to her house in the morning, taught everything, she went and got married at 3, we set up her interview at 5:30, and she got baptized with her daughter at 7:30..... Wow! Wow! Wow! Full day! She is moving today to a different ward, but she said she will return and feed us one P-Day. Hahaha! She is awesome. Always gives us food! I'll miss her!

I took some selfies with Elder Christensen. He is freaking amazing. He is 23 and is going to end in November. He is from Orem, but was living in San Francisco. I love this guy. He films stuff and he showed me some of his videos. Super awesome. Coolest bro around.

Elder Castillo and I did some random service and moved a ton of dirt. It was really fun and we gained some trust from our investigator.

Sunday was the last Sunday in our ward for Veronica and her family. I took some pictures with my "girlfriend" Nikte Ilallalyd, (Veronica's daughter).  She is so dang cute! I'll miss her :(

On Sunday, we ate dinner with a family from Columbia. We ate fried fish... I knew mom would like seeing a photo of that! Hahaha! You eat it with the scales and everything! It was actually really dang good! The back fin is tasty as well! It's like a really crunchy chip with a ton of flavor. i didn't eat the eyes though. They gave me a bad time, but nahhh! Hahaha!

Today we went to the center of Morelia to get some cash money from the bank and to eat with Elder Christensen and his comp. Super fun, but there was a ton of police and army. They had riot shields and everything... nothing was happening but they were ready for something! They had the whole main street closed. Who knows whats going on!

With Christian before he leaves on his own mission!
This little one loved Elder Jones! 

With Elder Christensen
Fried fish for dinner.

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