Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Life in the Field: One Year Mark & 20th Birthday

ONE YEAR BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, the week was good. Nothing super crazy.... we had some rain like always and yeah.... I LOVE MY NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!! THESE THINGS ARE MY LOVES!!! :) 

All of my birthday cards were great! I had a good birthday! I ate well! 

But, lets talk about my HUMP DAY!!!!!!!! On hump day, I went and bought 30 tacos and 2 1/2 liters of Coca Cola! in total. 260 pesos (about $15.00!) of food! Super awesome!!!!!!!! We ate like kings that night! They were hand made tortillas and everything!

Then, I pulled out the shirt (at one year you burn a white shirt) and soaked it with some rubbing alcohol, and lit that bad boy! THAT THING JUST LIT UP SO CRAZY BIG!!!!!!!! Great day! I ate 10 tacos that night, which was great! 

The day before my birthday, I ate a ton of spicy food, and woke up sick. Great way to start a birthday! I had my birthday like a real 20 year old, by puking ;) Hahahaha! Super funny.

Lunch that day was good, we ate with the second counselor of the Stake Presidency. The whole Stake Presidency is in our area, so we talk with them a ton! We have a good relationship with them, which is nice! They help us a ton! They gave me Twinkies for my birthday! It was great! 

Sunday, no one came to church... but that's fine, we have a baptism planned for this week! We are hoping to baptize Adriana and Benjamin. Adriana will have an interview with the Stake President, and he will give us the yes or no! Lets hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))) Pray for her! She needs help, and strength!

Today we had a zone activity! We ate pizza and all we played sports as well! I played volleyball and ultimate Frisbee, and we threw the football around. 

Overall a great week!
Getting ready to burn a shirt to mark the completion of 1 year!
Hump Day Tacos!
Birthday Twinkie Cake!
Zone Activity Day
Boy Band Photo Shoot

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