Monday, September 7, 2015

Life in the Field: YOSO (You Only Serve Once)

This week was pretty good. We sent off two new elders to the MTC on Monday! They are stoked! One of them is the only member of his family and he told them he was going even if they didn't want him too. What a boss! He will do well! I have his e-mail, so I'm emailing him!

We went on divisions with Elder Christensen and Elder Mendoza. I went to Aeropuerto with Elder Mendoza. They should call their area Aeromuerto.... sooo slow..... but we ate a ton of pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

While in their house, I saw that Elder Christensen has a cool YOLO wooden sign. It should say YOSO! YOU ONLY SERVE ONCE! Hahaha! Super legit! It was fun!

We had a lesson with Jessica and her dad is part of the state police, so I took an awesome picture in his Bulletproof vest! I was thinking of telling mom that its super crazy here so they made us use bullet proof vests so we can still teach, but nahh. Hahaha! I just thought it would be cool to wear it with a "BOM". Hahaha!

I also put a picture of all my cards! Tell everyone thanks!!!! I'll try and reply to everyone!!!!!!!! I need a little time!!!!!!!!!

As you can see, my shoes soles are dead! Thanks for the new ones! They are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All is well here! Iriss needs help! Her family is going crazy, so pray that her family will soften their hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adriana is better and is happy! Singing hymns have helped her! Sing hymns when you are down!

Jessica is good. We are trying to get her dad worthy so he can baptize her! We will see! Pray for him!!!!!!

I love you a ton family!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pizza and studying with Elder Mendoza.
BOM (Book of Mormon) Squad
Thank You for all of the wonderful birthday/1 year mark cards! 
Worn out shoe soles.

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