Monday, November 9, 2015

Life in the Field: District Leader & A New Area

This week was good! We started out the week with a Family Home Evening with Adriana! That went really well! We played Book of Mormon charades, where you act out a scene from the scriptures. Not only the Book of Mormon, but The Bible as well. It was super fun and we did it with all the young adults as well! Overall, a great night! To end, Elder Castillo and I acted out David and Goliath! It was pretty sweet!

That week we also had a zone meeting. We had a play during it where I acted. Hahaha! I was pretty funny, I was making everyone laugh! :) Overall, pretty sweet. As always took some sweet pictures and selfies ;)

Miguel Angel got baptized! He was an investigator of the sisters! He is legit! He came with us to visit people, and he wants to serve a mission! So after he was baptized, we asked the sisters if we could talk to everyone. Two people were baptized and a bunch of non-members were there. We asked them how they felt and such. After that, we started to invite people to be baptized right there.... SUPER LEGIT! Overall, a lot of great success and the sisters were surprised, but thankful we were there!

We took some good bye photos from people in the ward. Really sad, but it's okay! 

I'm now in Guadalajara in Las Juntas. I'm District Leader, and the oldest in the district! We are opening the area since the sisters have left. Our house is nice, but smells like girl, and there are girl clothes in the closet. A little bit of a shock for us Elders! HAHA! 

Love you all so much & Thank You for the support!
Elder Jones & Elder Dance
The old District!
Classic goofy picture!
Miguel Angel at his baptism.
Miguel Angel & Elder Jones at his baptism.
Members of the ward in Morelia.
Saying "Goodbye" to some great families before transfers!

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