Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Life in the Field: Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas with President & Sister Egginton.
This week was super fun!

We got to eat a ton of food on Monday... we got invited to eat and to share a message and they gave us two HUGE sandwiches and this huge thing of ice cream! I ate it all, but my companion was dying. Hahaha!

We also had Zone conference Tuesday, and we got some sweet shirts that say "Asi es!" It's funny because Elder Matthews says that a lot, and he made the shirts for everyone! He bought them for the whole zone, the Mission president, the assistants and Sister Egginton! Overall a great zone conference! 

The next day we had our huge activity! It was awesome! I rocked my sweet ugly sweater ;) Everyone wanted to take pictures with me. Hahaha! It was a funny crazy day! We played games, had another zone conference, and had a good dinner! We also had a Christmas Program and my companion and I read Luke 2:1-20. It was awesome! President and the older missionaries sang and it was really good! :) We ended at 9 and president said"Well, I hope you all get home safe and sound!"

We decided to get home in taxi with Elder Tempest and his son. We stayed up super late playing games. I won! Haha! #winning. We ate pizza as well and enjoyed the night! 

The next day, we ate super well. Ribs and shrimp. Such a delicious Christmas dinner.

Christmas Day we ate breakfast and I took a funny picture with the daughter of our investigators. She is 25 and I showed her family my pictures and thought the picture of Brittany and I was super funny, so she wanted to pose like that too! We are hoping to baptize their family this week!

Today at 2:30,  the elders called me telling me that Elder LondoƱo is having really strong stomach problems, and thinking they needed to get to the hospital. They didn't have money for a taxi in the middle of the night, so my companion and I had to taxi over, give them money for a taxi, so they could go to the hospital. After they left we walked home around 2:45 AM. It was a pretty crazy night! I bet Mom is freaking out that we were walking the streets of Mexico that late at night, but itw was sweet! But, it was good we went over because Elder Londono needed to get his appendix out! 

Today we bought some Starbucks, and got some Chili's! I got myself a Rib Eye and I am dang happy! :) 

Well that's about it! It was so great talking to all of you. It was awesome! 

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