Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Life in the Field: A Green Hot Chili Pepper


This week was fun! I decided to eat a chili pepper, which was fun! My mouth was really happy about that! Hahaha! I was sweating a ton, but it wasn't that bad.

As well I started to take Daxon again. I freaking hate those pills! It makes me feel sick for 3 days and you pee bright neon green! Hahaha! I celebrated ending my Daxon pills by buying street tacos and a pizza! Yuuppp! I was happy that night.

We got some cool pics with Miller the dog! Coolest dog ever! We also played with Bici the cat! We love the Rodriguez Romero family! They are like 58 years old, but they are super cool. I got them started on family history and we looked at my family tree... I HAD NO CLUE THAT MARRY AND JOSEPH ARE IN OUR FAMILY TREE! We can also go back to Adam & Eve. Very crazy!

We have a new investigator who is really cool! She is a pain to teach because she asks sooo many questions, but she will actually progress because she actually wants to know the truth! So, it's worth it to teach someone who really wants to learn about the gospel! 

And today we went to a mall! It was sooo amazing! I miss American malls! I bought a Mexico jersey and a cool hat so I don't get burned when we play soccer! I almost bought a cool orange zebra striped wind breaker but that would have been a dumb use of a ton of money.

This week we have an activity planned for all the zones in Guadalajara! I'll get to see a bunch of buddies :)

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