Monday, December 14, 2015

Life in the Field: Tijuana Temple Dedication

Current District
This week was cool. We had a lot of lessons and good work. We got some new investigators and they are pretty sweet!
 I'm trying to think of something fun for my missionaries for our district meeting, but I'll think of something! Thanks for your ideas!

So we hiked a huge hill one day for comida and took some pictures of us! it was fun but that hill though, gosh it sucked! Haha! But, it was well worth it for the photos of the entire area!

We also ate dinner with some members, and they had kittens! SO DANG CUTE! They were adorable! This sister had turtles and dogs and a duck as well for pets! Hahaha!

Also in another house, they have a kitten and I took a selfie with it because I'm cool like that! :) Selfies for days! :) 

We went to the dedication (via satellite broadcast) of the Tijuana Temple! It was super fun! This was 3rd redidication/dedication in my mission! (Ogden, Mexico City, and Tijuana)  super fun!!!!!! Elder Uctdorf gave the prayer and Elder Oaks conducted the sessions! Super fun! It was cool seeing some people from my first area there! 

Today we went to Cruz del Sur and listened to Dr. Stevens, which was cool. He just told us to be good and keep things clean. Afterwards Elder Dance, Elder Benitez, Elder Lavery, and Elder Ventura went with us to eat some Little Ceasers! Pretty fun day to be honest! It was fun seeing President Eggington as well! All of the new missionaries were there as well! It was fun seeing them; they all looked sad, confused, and just a little scared!

Love you a ton!

Elder Dallin McKay Jones
Overlooking the area
Tijuana Mexico Temple
Ogden Rededication (September 2014), Mexico City Redidication (September 2015, and Tijuana Dedication (December 2015)
Elder Jones & Elder Tempest

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