Monday, January 11, 2016

Life in the Field: Barrio las Juntas

Diego and Elder Jones
This week was alright... kinda long, but what can ya do?

More than anything, we were in divisions with the elders here until Friday, when they had special changes to Zona Chapala.

We had Interviews with President on Wednesday which was good. He rolled up like a boss in his mini van drinking some coke and straight short sleeve white shirt. He is the best! Hahaha! I had the first interview, which was great! I had the longest interview I think... talked a lot about my district and my companion. Everything is good with the comp, and i think he will train next transfer. 

As well, we are working all of Barrio las Juntas! (This is a really large area of Guadalajara, so it's adding a lot of area to their current area.) SO NUTS! We will be working it all until February. So we are learning new parts and working hard!

I took some pictures with Diego. He is a super cool investigator who wants to get baptized but of some things, he has to wait a little. His beard is amazing... I'm going to grow one like that if i go to Utah State. ;) 

We ate a bunch of hot dogs as well. It was a party. We were invited over to eat for dinner and we ate with the Ex counselor of the mission. He interviewed my first baptism, so that was fun talking to him! 

Nothing really new.... We have some new investigators which are super awesome! hoping that they will progress! We are hoping for baptism this week but who knows! Let's hope for the best! Pray for RAUL and MARIA!

We are searching a new house for the next group of missionaries. Hope we find something for them.

Oh and today we ate some Chilis. I had a huge craving for Chilis again, and I'm happy and fat!

Love you all a ton!
Meal calendar. Looks like they will be well fed this month!

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