Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life in the Field: Lucky Machete's

Getting ready to do some service with machete's. 
This week was pretty sweet. We got invited to eat tortas ahogadas with Diego. He is the best! Hahaha. He makes me laugh a ton. The tortas were really yummy! I ate two! And enjoyed some Coca! He was super funny with my glasses. Kinda hipster nerdy look with a sweet beard. He works in a gym and right now he is trying to gain weight. He is pretty dang strong. He eats a ton. I also got to take a selfie with his dog Miller.

One night, to honor Rachel, I bought Crepes because I know she loves them! It was super good but dang... freaking expensive!!!! It was 45 pesos for a crepe with chocolate, Strawberry, Nuts, and Cream cheese. Next time I'm just going to ask with chocolate for 25 pesos. 

We did some service with the Alveres family. They are going through a rough patch right now, but they always help us with missionary work! I'm hoping the blessings they need will come soon! But we helped them clean up in front of their house by cutting grass and moving rocks! It was fun! They have daughters that are super freaking funny!!!! Gosh we were laughing so hard! They always have jokes to say. But keep this family in your prayers! They are the best!

Once again someone wanted a picture with me using them as an arm rest. It was funny again. Her name is anayeli. Her family is less active but they are starting to come to church again! Hopefully her Dad will stop smoking!

We had stake conference which was good! A lot of amazing talks! A family that recently got married in the temple went up and talked and it was so freaking funny! It was spiritual as well, but this guy was like, "My wife was super hard to baptize... she didn't want anything!" Hahaha! He was just talking and talking and everyone was laughing so hard! Our mission president gave an amazing talk about the atonement of Jesus Christ. As well Sister Egginton gave a full talk in Spanish! It was awesome!!!!!! 

Today we went with the zone leaders and ate pizza and talked a bit. That was good. 

Yesterday we also got some new investigators that go to Luz Del Mundo (Light of the World). We had to give it to them straight a few times, and this guy wanted to bible bash a little, but we were able to control it and teach which was good. Let's see if this will be worth our time or not...

Happy birthday mom!!!!! Glad you had a good time :))))))

Dinner at the crepe cart!
Tabasco for everything!
Mexican Water.
Elder Jones & Diego
Just some pondering... Napoleon Dynamite inspired posing.
"It was my Mother's lucky machete." - Nacho Libre
After Stake Conference

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