Monday, January 25, 2016

Life in the Field: Finding Nemo in Mexico

Elder Benitez & Elder Jones
Dear family and friends, boys and girls,

Haha! I don't know why I started to think about the Disneyland announcement before fireworks or the parade when I typed that out. HA! 

This week was super sweet! A lot of fun. We had a World Wide Transmission/Conference for all missionaries in the world! ALL 75,000 WERE WATCHING! It was awesome! It was on Wedsnday and we learned a lot! Elder Oaks spoke, which was awesome. The whole thing was focused on Repentance, and baptism. But mostly Repentance! The funny part was that they told us that it started at 9, so we got there at 9, and then told us that it starts at 10... then at 11... so we sat there for ever! Haha! But, it was fun! We messed around a bit! Afterwards, I got to talk with Elder Dance, and some other good friends from the mission! :)

This morning, I found NEMO! I walked outside and he was just chillin' there. It made my day! Haha! I heard that they are making "Finding Dory". Sounds pretty good!  

We went on divisions with the zone leaders. We both worked in Tapatio and spent the night in their house. It was a lot of fun. Learned some things and had a great time! Elder Lavery and Ventura are pretty fun guys.

Today we had a zone activity, which was super fun! We played a relay race game. We had to do something, answer a question from PMG (Preach My Gosepel), and then search for a puzzle piece until we finished the puzzle! It was super fun! Then we ate carne asada, and chorizo! SUPER YUMMY!

I wore my amazing "I pooped today" shirt. Everyone loved it! Hahaha. The sisters were laughing their butts off. 

We have an awesome investigator named Diego. HE IS SO PERFECT! Pray for him! He is 28, and is a psycologist. He has been talking with the sisters from Salt Lake Temple Square, and now is taking lessons from us!

Next week there will probably be a baptism. So, I'm looking forward to that! It's a little girl that is 9, and her mom is reactivating! Pray for Yaritzi and her Mom, Maria!

We also are teaching Elideth. She is 20, and her dad is less active but we are reactivating him and she came to church as well! Pray for her as well! She needs a lot of help!

Also pray for Raul and Maria! They need sooo much help! They were going to get baptized, but now they don't want to. Hopefully they can change but if not, we need to let them go :(

That's about it! Its very probable that I'm going to train next week :))))))) Let's hope it happens! I'm stoked to see what happens! I HOPE I'M TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Elder Dallin McKay Jones
Elder Jones & Elder Dance
Walked outside & found Nemo!
I thought Nemo lived in Australia? 
Elder Ventura, Elder Lavery, & Elder Jones

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