Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Life in the Field: The Weeks Go On....

District Meeting
Dear family,

This week was fun... A lot of crazy stuff, but I'm alive! 

Elder Matthews ended his mission, or in other words, he "died" :( Hahaha. We had a party after district meeting! We ate jello, played around a bit and took some funny pictures of him dead on the table. Hahaha! It was fun! I am going to miss Elder Matthews. ASI ES!!!!!

It was also the birthday of Hermana Cantarero, so I bought her some candy and such. It was a fun day. She gave me the number of Sergio Fausto, my first baptism! I talked to him and everything is well! He is planning to enter the temple in April! :) So awesome!!! He said when I want, we can go get lunch one Monday! I'm stoked! 

Diego invited us over to eat again! We ate pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, smoothies, and orange juice. Diego is the best! After we ate, he drew a photo of us all fat from eating. Ha ha! He is awesome. We started to teach his girlfriend the discussions. :) We are going to be eating with them on Thursday of this week as well.

I also have a picture of Elder Herbert sleeping in a lesson! Haha! He was sick that day. It was super funny. The members home we were at were laughing! They couldn't believe that he had fallen asleep!

I also kicked a soccer ball in the house and broke a window. Whoops! So, I paid 160 Pesos to fix it. That is just under $10 dollars, but I learned my lesson to not play soccer in the house!

We had a meeting with Elder De Hoyos, who is the president of all the areas in Mexico. It was awesome! I had a good answer to one of the questions he asked, so he invited me to come to the front of them room! I was up there for about 10 minutes, and he just had his arm around me and was teaching. For some reason, everyone loves Elder Jones! :) It was great to see all my friends again! I saw Elder Sweeten, Elder Sasser, Elder Clifford, Elder Dance, and others! 

We also got new temple recommend covers! They are sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my package! :) Same with some letters from the YW in Becca's ward. Ha ha! #playerintheclub. Just kidding. But, it was great to get some letters. Thanks, Rachie! 

This week I saw a guy get beat up with a metal tube about 4 feet in front of me, so I started to book it the opposite direction. The police came right after we started to run. By far the craziest thing I have seen in Mexico so far!

We played some soccer Saturday,  and after we played some basketball... it was freaking awesome because I started to drain 3 pointers! Haha! So, basically, the tall one was playing the far game & 
destroying up close under the rim. Too beastly for these shorties! Haha!

So now I have a new comp. He is from The Dominican Republic. His name is Elder Vargas.

Love you family!
Goodbye Elder Matthews!
Dinner with Diego!
Just a little sleepy....

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