Monday, February 8, 2016

Life in the Field: American Treats!

Someone is pretty dang happy to have Dr. Pepper back in his life!
This week was pretty awesome to be honest. A lot of work, and a lot of success!

I bought a soccer ball, which was nice. We are going to use it to go and play next week. We played basketball a few weeks ago and I was draining 3 pointers like a true baller! Haha. It's fun to go and play with the ward. I suck a soccer, but I'm good in the sense that I take up a lot of room, and its not easy to shoot past me! Haha! 

This week we ate with Diego again. He bought some Poptarts from the U.S.! There is a store where you can buy imported goods from other countries, and they had Dr. Pepper from the U.S.A., Poptarts, candies, etc. So he brought us back Fruit Rollups, candy, DR PEPPER FROM THE U.S.!!!!! Haha! It was awesome! The cinnamon Poptarts were the best thing ever to be honest! I miss those sooo much! Hahaha! Diego is the best. Hopefully he can get everything ready soon so he can get baptized! 

We had 5 people come to church this Sunday! This week probably 7!!!! It was awesome because I did a special fast to have progressing investigators and look! The blessings!!!!!!! We have A LOT of good investigators, and I think we will have some baptisms this transfer!

This week there will be a baptism in the other area in my ward. So I'll be interviewing. I taught this girl a few times, so its basically my baptism as well ;) Be ready for the photos! :))) 

Someone in our ward goes to the offices in the mission a lot, and he made a funny picture of the Assistant to the President. This freaking picture is so great! Haha! 

Today we spent 4 hours cleaning the house and cutting the lawn and trimming the trees, so we didn't do anything really fun today.... But I bought tortas ahogadas and tacos ahgadas and a big coca, so I'm pretty happy!

Keep on praying for me! We have a lot of work to do!
American treats from Diego!
"This is your face when someone says apostasy in prayer"

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