Monday, February 22, 2016

Life in the Field: Hamburger Champion

Burger Champion!
This week was really good. We had a lot of success and we have some baptism dates coming up! 

We had four investigators come to church Sunday, and five less actives! Overall, a great Sunday

Today was a lot of fun. We went to the mall and walked around. I looked around and enjoyed the day! It wasn't super packed. Elder Herbert bought a few ties. I bought the last thing I needed to buy from Mexico before I go home. A blue Chivas Jersey. Now my collection is complete for Mexico/Guadalajara! I don't need anymore souvenirs. Maybe a cool Mayan or Aztec inspired chess set, but I haven't found any that I like. :(

We then went to eat hamburgers. I ate two huge burgers, so I can put my picture on the wall there. Hahaha! It was a good day! I took a picture with Elder Struhs, my old companion from the MTC. He is a district leader in the zone as well!

My area is freaking awesome right now! A lot of success! We have four baptism dates and we are going to put a fifth tonight! Four dates for March 5th, and one for March 12th! 

We are having a lot of success here! I really enjoy my area. The only bad thing is that we use a bunch of money on buses! I'm going to see if we can receive a little more money for bus use!

We are working really hard with one active family. The Alveres are the best! They help us so much with the work! And now they are seeing the blessings! Hermano Alveres found a job and will start working! :) Their daughter will probably go to California in the next 4 months to study high school because she is a US citizen. So that's cool! Her name is Kimberly, and she is 14. I told her that when she is over in California, I'll show her around and I'll tell everyone that she is my adopted little sister. Hahaha! I love her family to be honest. Pray for the Alveres family so everything goes well! They are the only family that really helps us in the work!

Well that's about it! Love you all soooo much!

Let's go to the mall, today!
Elder Jones & Elder Struhs, MTC Companions.
Jersey collection.

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