Monday, February 29, 2016

Life in the Field: Teaching & Preaching

Riding the bus!
This week was pretty fun and interesting! We have five baptisms planned for this week! Three are for sure, but two of them really depends on how the week goes! BAPTISMS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😇 

We got breakfast with Diego and his girlfriend, Dalia. They are both investigating. Diego has been going to church for awhile, but has some legal issues so he cant get baptized... He can get baptized probably in November. We only teach him once or maybe twice a week. He is an awesome guy. He put on his Atlas jersey because I told him I like the Chivas! Next time we teach him, I'm going to bring my Chivas jersey just to see what he says ;)

As well, we had a big meeting with all the leaders of Guadalajara on Wednesday. It was super long, but really great! Learned a lot and I'm going to work on being more humble this week! I think its something I need to better.

So we have an investigator and she has an image of the Holy Death. Oh my, it's so scary. She told us about it and how she has asked things from it and if she receives it, she completes her promise. For example, if she wants to go out with a certain guy, she will give to the Holy Death temple a bottle of Tequila. It happened, so she bought the bottle and gave it to the temple. She wants to get rid of it but she is afraid that the Holy Death with take all the things that matter to her away. That's how the thing works. If you don't complete with your promise, it takes away loved ones, money, and other things.... It's basically working with Satan. It works, but we know that the Gospel will help her over come it! I've always heard about La Santa Muerta, but it was the first time I've ever had an investigator with it. Pray for Fatima.

We had some good lessons as well this week. We also went on divisions with the Elders and we all slept in the same house. We started to play monopoly, and basically Elder Freeman and I started to win, and no one else wanted to play. Ha ha! It was a fun night!

Today we played football and basketball. It was fun getting out and running a little. Afterwards we went for pizza, and now we are writing! 

I've been reading "Jesus the Christ". It's amazing! I love this book! I'm hoping to finish it in the next month or two. So much information. A really great read. 

The people who are for sure going to get baptized are Diego Marron, Hermano Marron, and another boy named Diego. We have too many people named Diego! Hahaha! The two which are so so on the decision are Maria and her daughter. Prayers would be nice! :)

That's it! I think... I don't remember anything else note worthy... Its all a blur to be honest! 5 more months! I can't believe that. I am one of the oldies in my mission, but I feel like I just arrived a few months ago! 

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