Monday, March 21, 2016

Life in the Field: 18 Month Mark

Burn, baby, burn...
This week was pretty good! Burnt my pants, did divisions with my district, and just had some fun!

I've never been so tired in my life! I have no clue how I'm going to continue working like this. Haha! I'm pooped! Waking up has never been so hard in my life until now... I don't know how i'm going to keep it up!

Right now we have a bunch of great investigators who are progressing well! We are hoping to have seven baptisms within the next 6 weeks! Pray for us and the investigators! We just hope that the members help us out!

We have a new ward mission leader, which is great! He looks like he is going to help us out a ton! He served a mission as well, and knows how things should be. Let's hope that all goes well!

We had breakfast with Diego. I think I'm going to dress like him after my mission. Or in other words, buy a fanny pack and use it everyday, even at church. Haha!

We burnt my pants and ate at Chilis to celebrate! It was awesome! 18 months!!!!!!!! 5 more months and I'm home! SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!! It was fun to burn pants and remember all the good times in the mission. Wow! It goes by too fast! 

Today we played football with the ward. Or in other words, soccer. I landed a goal today! It was a header! That's what I'm useful for in soccer here in Mexico... just landing it in with my head because I'm tall! No one could believe how sweet the goal was! Hahaha! i owe it to my sweet Chivas jersey! My part Mexican power! We got a ride in a super small car and we all jumped in! Haha! Super funny picture because there was no room at all! You need to see how the bus usually is... PACKED!!!! So glad that at home we have cars!

We did divisions with the other missionaries which was fun. Worked in their area which is just super ugly.... it smells like dead dogs just about everywhere.... and the streets are straight dirt and rocks. I watched the best two years with Elder Freeman which was fun. That movie is so dang funny!

Well that's about it! I love you all so much!
Lunch at Chili's
6 Months: Tie. 12 Months: Shirt. 18 Months: Pants. Next Up, Full Suit! 
Taking a ride in the back of the cab!

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