Monday, March 14, 2016

Life in the Field: Baptism of Maria & Vania

Baptism day of Maria (Mother) and Vania (Daughter).
We baptized Maria and her daughter Vania. I baptized Maria and my companion Vania.

It was awesome to baptize two weeks in a row! We are hoping for more baptisms here in Las Juntas. We have a family of five that are progressing and as well, we have an investigator who is the sister of one of the people we baptized! We are having success here right now and I love it! I only wish that the ward would help us out more.... but besides that all is well! I will be here for at least six more weeks! I'm starting my fourth change here so I will probably leave in six weeks... that would be 6 months here total!

Next month, my first convert should enter into the temple to be sealed with his wife and family! I'm super excited for that! I will be able to go so be ready for that email soon! ;)

We had zone meeting which was fun! I always enjoy the zone meetings! We played "Chubby Bunny" and it was hilarious! 

I got letters from home. Thanks for the Valentine, Mom! Hahaha! I'm cool! ;) 

Thanks for the letters, Rachie!

Right now we have some good investigators which is nice! They are progressing well! We are hoping for 6 baptisms this change! :) Maybe more! We will see how it goes!!! Pray for the Bocanegra family! They need it!

It rained for a day here and it was super cold!!!!!!!!! I used my thick Quicksilver hoodie and the rain slicker! IT WAS THAT COLD!!!! It was a good day though! I like it colder than warmer!

I swear, every house that we go to, gives us food! I think I'm going to gain weight.... in the morning we visit someone, they give us food, then we have our food appointment, and to end the day, a random family that we choose to visit gives us dinner.... sometimes we eat four or five times!!!!! Hahaha! Oh, missionary life. Now I know how the USA missionaries feel! Only thing I'm missing is my iPad and my car! ;)

This week I will be burning a pair of pants in honor of 18 months in the mission! FIVE MONTHS LEFT!!!!! I cant believe it!
Zone Meeting.

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