Monday, May 30, 2016

Life in the Field: Busy Week in the Field!

This week was really good. We had really good numbers and two people came to church! We have new investigators and the work is progressing well.

This week was cool. We had a lot of lessons and we went to Patzquaro again. I went to Tacamabro as well. That was a trip! We went from Morelia to Patzquaro, because we had to bring some beds and tables to an apartment, so we went in a truck taxi, but gosh this guy was as dumb as bricks. While we were driving, he would slow down and stop the car and start greeting at girls... Freaking weirdo! Haha! He was super funny but man, weirdo. 

My comp and I went for some Starbucks this week!

So, I took some pictures of my area... it's hilly, and it has part of the city, and part of the hills which is cool. We walk by cows and horses at times. It's really different because our house is 15 min in bus from downtown, and it's 10 minutes walking from a bunch of cows and horses.... super weird but its fun!

Yesterday I ate menudo (beef stomach in a red broth!) for the first time... that was a struggle.... never again! Haha! We also ate gorditas, which are awesome. I love gorditas, 

Today we played some sports in the chapel. We played kickball, volleyball and some basketball. Overall, a good activity. It was sister Gonzales last P-day, because she goes home next Monday! I'm going home soon too! AHHH! It goes too fast. 

Today we have an appointment at 7:00 PM with one of our investigators. He wanted to baptize his daughter but his wife is a member, but he isn't. We read Moroni 8.... wow that was super crazy. I think it made him feel bad, because dang, that made me feel bad, and it was hard to tell him that he can't baptize her without the proper authority. Today we are going to talk about eternal marriage, so I think that will help lighten up the mood. 

I love working. I love the mission. I love MEXICO! Everything is possible here ;)

Love you all so much!

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