Monday, May 23, 2016

Life in the Field: Morelia Memories

This week was pretty good! On Monday night, we had some missionaries stay over at our house. It was pretty fun! We played Scum, which was awesome! I won a lot, and when we stopped playing, I was the King! My comp was the scum! Hahaha! Poor Elder Luna! It was a good night! 

I took a cool picture with a dog named Foster. He loves me, and hates my comp, but its chill. Life is good here! The owner of the dog is Jorge. He is a good friend here in the ward! 

We walked by the zoo and I saw a cool lion! I kinda want to go next week, I think we are going to go in the morning! I want to see if I can hold a tiger, or something cool like that!

We had a super funny lesson with an old guy name Angelito. He started to fart super loud and acted like nothing was happening! Hahahahaha! My companion started to lose it, and blamed his laughter on his dog, which made me start to laugh! It was an interesting lesson, and makes me laugh just thinking about it!

But the coolest thing this week was that we had two people come to church! #sucess!!! Working hard! We also have had some new investigators, and we have some less actives progressing! :) 

Elder Luna got super sick yesterday, but now he is better! We didn't work at all yesterday, so I spent a bunch of time studying Spanish and cleaning the house!

I got to see the Aqueduct of Morelia today! It's super big! I didn't take any pictures :( but, we ate Chilis, so I'm happy.

I love you all so much!

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