Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Life in the Field: More Morelia Fun!

Downtown Morelia
This week was really awesome! We had Zone Meeting which went super well and we went on divisions! I went to Patzquaro, which was awesome!

Last Monday our patio flooded so we had to bucket the water out... soooo crazy! We spent time fixing the drains and all is fine! 

On Wednesday, we had the Zone Meeting which went super well! I finally got my package, which I enjoyed! HEATH BARS ARE AMAZING! Haha! I miss those soooo much! Thanks parents :))))

Patzquaro is awesome! It's a pueblito, they call it "Pueblo Magico" because its amazing! I bought ice cream of Pasta, Elote and chocolate. It was awesome! Haha! Corn ice cream = best thing ever! I also got to take some cool pictures with a sword and some pictures in the streets! All the houses are the same, white and red. It's kinda funky, but cool! 

Today we played football, which was awesome! We also played basketball which was fun as well! My team always won! We are cool like that... We bought Morelia Monarcas jerseys, which makes us look legit. I was the only one who bought the original jersey colors. It was buy one get one free, so we all bought one! Four for the price of two! We each spent like 370 pesos, or about $20.00. Good price and it's original and the new jersey of this season!

The weather has been nice, I got burned a little on my neck playing football today because its so dang white!!!!!!!!! AHHH freaking collard shirts... 

Thanks for the love and support!
Zone Meeting

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