Monday, June 27, 2016

Life in the Field: Mango Lover!

This week was pretty great. We walked a lot of hills, and knocked doors, and worked! Nothing too crazy, but it was a fast fun week, so I can't complain. We are teaching some good lessons and cleaning ward lists.... it sucks when you have a ward list of 800 people and only 100 people go to church! The good thing is that you find a bunch of new people to teach!

There are some awesome food deals here... 14 pesos, 1 liter of melon water.... super awesome... or 1 kilo of mango right now, is 5 pesos... I can buy 3 large mangoes for five pesos!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha! It's awesome. But, avocado is 70 pesos for 1 kilo... super expensive! I bought some mangoes and I'm enjoying them for breakfast.

We played some soccer on Saturday, but in our missionary cloths, I had five goals.. I'm pretty Mexican now. I think I'm going to sign with Real Madrid. Hahaha! Soccer is pretty fun now. I'm getting better, but I still suck.

I got my travel plans.... whaaaa? I'm old in the mission! I'm going to end! :/ Sad, but I'm stoked at the same time. Elder Timpson and I will travel together for part of the time (through Houston, TX), but afterwards, we split. He is going to fly to Ontario. His flight path will be Guadalajara to Houston, from Houston to San Francisco, from San Francisco to Ontario, arriving at 6:00 PM. I fly from Houston to San Diego, and will be arriving at 4:00 PM. I think I got the better flight path! Hahaha! 

Today we ate some carne asada and I'm stuffed! :) It also rained a lot today as well... but that's about it!

One other cool thing we did this week was a family home evening, but in the church building. We had less actives and investigators come, which was great. We are hoping for a baptism on the 8th of July! That should be great! 

Well, that's about it! Just working hard and enjoying the mission!

I love you all sooooo much!

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