Monday, July 4, 2016

Life in the Field: Walking Hills

This week was pretty good. A lot of work and a lot of work and a lot of walking... LOTS OF WALKING! UP HILLS! My legs are going to be beast, and I'm dropping more weight... life in the mission.....dem hills, searching for houses.... one day, we walked two miles straight up hill.... my legs were so shot after that.... it was sooo steep! We spent that whole day basically walking... trying to find people in the lists... 

We had a zone activity today, which was sweet. We played football, and ultimate Frisbee. I was a captain in the Frisbee game. We picked teams, and I picked straight Americans.... no one plays Frisbee here in Mexico, so I knew that I didn't need the fastest people to win, just people who know how to play Frisbee. My team destroyed the other team! Hahahaha! AMERICA! Afterwards, we ate carne asada, and chorizo. It was amazing! It was basically a BBQ, but Mexican style, perfect for July 4th!

One day this week we ate hamburgers and it made me miss American hamburgers. We have MacDonalds and Carls Jr here, but its not the same. Elder Timpson and I started to remember American food and California burritos. Oh American food. How I miss you.... 

We also did divisions this week. We bought some Dominos pizza with cheese filled crust. It was pretty good, but not the best. It was fun being with Elder Ramon. He is going to end his mission in October. We got here the same day!

THIS FRIDAY...... BaPtIsM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO we are going to baptize Paola! Pray for her like crazy!!!!!!!! :) 

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